Trouble with Advice

Hello all! As the first week of the New Year is coming to the middle point I felt compelled to once again talk about the trouble with listening to advice. Now, I don’t mean to say that you shouldn’t listen to advice here and there. I mean if your best friend cringes when you walk out of the dressing room, for God’s sake don’t buy the jeans! But in writing there a great number of times you will be offered advice. Some advice will be bad, some good. The troubling part is how do you know what advice is good or not?

I say this because as we speak I have some advice that I was given and it’s bothering me. I’m not sure what I should do. The person knows what he/she is talking about. I’m at the point in my career where I need to evaluate where I want to go and in which direction. I’ve found that my writing fits very well into one genre and one heat level. But is this really where I want to stay? I love writing what I write but I’ve noticed that where I once wrote a more generic level that would allow my books to go either into mainstream or erotic I no longer skim this line.

The advice given to me was to pick my genre and write like hell in it. So how do I keep all my little werewolves, vampires, and creatures floating in my head to back off while I write something else? I’m a bit off my game these days and finding my way back to the batters box is hard. I just can’t seem to step up. And with this advice I’m still feeling more than troubled.

Do you as a writer ever get like this? How do you get back and please do not tell me to read! LOL I’ve been reading for a week and it is NOT helping. It’s making me feel guilty as hell!!




10 Responses

  1. I get the feeling you’re tempted to stay somewhere you aren’t completely satisfied because it’s met with success. Or am I reading it wrong, Sayde?

    Sometimes writing is like finding a new pair of boots. One pair looks really great, but they pinch just that little bit. So do you take them, and hope they become more comfortable with wear? Or there’s that pair so comfy they feel like you slid into your favorite pair of socks! They just aren’t what’s in style at the moment. So do you sacrifice style for comfort?

    I feel for you, woman. It’s a rough decision. Ideally, take both pair. Switch them out when, and as, you need to. But what ever you decide, I know it will be best for you.

    The best advice I can give you is to remember what boots are for: Kicking the sh*t out of your way.

    Love ya, Cowgirl!

  2. Hey- I’m trying to write a cozy mystery and it’s kicking my butt so I feel your pain this week. I thought I wanted to write such a thing but I’m thinking I have to stay where my talent lies- and that may be tough advice. But if you do something well, maybe it is your niche.

  3. I think I’m with Jillian. I had this discussion with my agent last week. She asked something like if I thought about writing other genres and I said sure, but each genre I mentioned, I said “later”, “later” because right now my mind is set on the paranormal.

    Sure, I have a futuristic or two in my files, but they’re not ripe for the plucking yet. One day, perhaps in a year or ten, they’ll be ready, but not now. When I start thinking about those particular stories, I say “okay, later”, or I write down the general idea, but I don’t spend time on them.

    No one wants to be pigeonholed, but I think building an audience who’ll know what you write is a good way to start, then branch out. Kind of like a tree. It doesn’t automatically go up and out. It goes up a while and branches out little by little.

    Or I could be an idiot who makes no sense (it wouldn’t be the first time!). Truth is, you’re the only one who can make that decision and it isn’t an easy one to make *big hug* Good luck though and know we’re here if you need to b*tch!

  4. I say write them both. You knew I’d say that. And I say it because…you like writing them both. You’re good at it. So keep the hot cowboys alive and kicking…and let the vamps out at night. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, I knew you’d say it but you also always remind me that my cowboy stuff reads more natural. So oh knowing one, how do I get the other stuff to be natural too? But you know my plan so no worries on this until mid march!

  5. Thanks ladies! You all made such great sense and I think I’ll stick with the advice and see if I can work things out.

  6. I know this is late but I’m going to chime in with my two cents anyway.

    Write what the voices are telling you to write. Be true to your muse, it’s where your heart is.


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