Wish you were here…The World?

Mobile living at its finest. The World

For today’s travel, I thought I would feature “The World” which I saw on the travel channel this past week.

For anyone who is not familiar with this ship, it is not your ordinary cruise liner. It is a living community where those with wanderlust and the ability to afford the finest mobile lifestyle can live in luxury while traveling the globe. While enjoying the convenience of your own home, you can still enjoy the perks of all luxury cruises, fine dining in excellent restaurants or dinners to bring back to your own room and enjoy with friends.

Aboard you will find a cinema with first run movies, a fully stocked library, and lectures offering insights into regions the ship visits. There is an onboard medical center, a shopping center, a night club, casino, art gallery, and business center with internet café. Finally no ship is complete without the sports deck, residents share a pool, a golf club, jogging track that encircles the ship and tennis courts, complete with pros to improve your game.

Unlike a run of the mill cruise ship with upward of 1,000 or more cabins and sometimes twice that in passengers aboard the ship while sailing, aboard The World there are only 165 residences spread over 12 decks designed for permanent, extravagant living or the unusual vacation home around.

Imagine spending your evening on your private balcony overlooking the city of Liverpool only to wake the next morning in your own bed to the sights of Glasgow. The ship travels take the residents to exotic ports of call and to some of the most famous events on every continent.

If you were living on The World in 2011, you would have started your new year in Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the globe and end the year spending the last week of December in Cape Town. You can find a map of the 2011 Itinerary at the following link  http://www.aboardtheworld.com/our-journey/map/

Five leading interior designers were commissioned to decorate the living spaces, each with a unique and distinctive idea. In addition, every residence can be modified to accommodate the needs and lifestyles of the occupant. 

Until next week, wish you were here.

2 Responses

  1. You post the most amazing things, Lizbeth!

    Even if only for a year, to travel and live this way would be such a fantastic adventure! For writers, it could be a place for someone to hide from enemies or the real world. Or recover from a broken heart. Or one of the people employed on her could find the love of his/her dreams. The possibilities are endless!

    Thank you, Liz.

  2. Love this. And I agree with Runere- would be a great place for a character to be. I think a real life like that would get tedious after a few weeks. LOL!

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