Happy New Year’s Eve, Welcome 2011

Every New Year we evaluate our lives, our loves, our work . . . nearly everything we come in contact with. We decide where we need corrections, and where we can leave things alone. Or hope we can leave them alone. At least for now.

It’s funny how the character and content of our resolutions change over the years. New Year’s Eve resolutions used be to all about improving ourselves by losing a few pounds and exercising more, or cleaning up our environment–physical and social.

But this year I think my resolution will be to simply maintain. By that I mean keep doing what I’ve been doing this past year, and the ones before. It just might be a case of Aries/Taurus hard-headedness combined with a natural Irish stubborn streak. But I’ve found I like being the individual hanging over the fence at the fifty yard line, screaming her lungs out at junior high and high school refs for bad calls. The kids seem to appreciate knowing somebody still believes in ethics and fairness, and is paying real attention.

I’m going to love hard as ever. Even if it means I’ve transitioned from stopping someone from eating someone else’s gummy bears, to dumping out every can of dip I find in underage pockets, and shredding every confiscated cigarette. If I hear a few “I hate you!”s of juvenile frustration, life has taught me the perfect response, and one I mean wholeheartedly: “That’s okay. I love you enough for both of us.”

So for 2011 I’m going to stand my ground. I’ll continue to advise the grandkids to move among their peers, but not get seriously involved until they’ve learned themselves first, and explored at least some small part of a great big world. (I’ll at least warn them not to underestimate the strength of Cupid’s darts, either; that sometimes the hardest you’ll ever fall in love is the one time it sneaks up on you.) And if I see something detrimental brewing, I’m not above openly cleaning weapons when a guy arrives to collect his date. I’ve done it before, and can recommend it as an extremely effective deterrent.

I’ll continue to wish ambition and contentment for my family, friends and self. And though the two seem an odd partnership, they do go together. If you can’t find the ambition to achieve your dreams, you’ll never be truly content.

I’ll continue to wish for everyone a new year of success, of health, of wealth–emotional as well as monetary–and happiness. But more than anything, I’ll continue to wish for everyone awareness. Awareness of life, of laughter, of beauty. Awareness of hurt, of sorrow, of pain. Make all of us human, and humane, enough to correct problems we see, and celebrate the successes. May we all keep our faith, whichever one we may follow, and practice it as we should.

So sing, dance, laugh and cheer when midnight tolls. Gather our loved ones around us in appreciation. Here’s to a Happy 2011 everyone. May it ring in safely and remain that way all year!

My personal resolution is to write on a schedule. I believe I’ll accomplish more  by setting small deadlines for myself. Oh! And take a couple of those classes I’ve been putting off.

I’d sure love to hear what everyone else has decided for their New Year’s resolution. Share it in the comments, and you’ll make my year!


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the New Year wishes. AND I can totally see you cleaning that weapon!

    I resolved a long time ago not to make New Year’s resolutions as they seem to fade by Feb 1. Instead, I periodically through the year assess where I am and where I want to be and adjust my goals/behavior to suit. Happy New Year, my friend. Jillian

    • Your plan is one of the soundest and most realistic I’ve heard, sfcatty! Probably much more successful than the rest of our promises and efforts.

      And I confess I’ve used the weapons to unfair advantage a couple of ways. Nothing makes a rough-edged, thinks-he’s-a-bad-ass teen boy cup his genitals better than a *smiling* woman staring him in the eyes as she ejects spare shells from a shotgun– one-handed! Never had to say a word to him! lol

      Best wishes for a happy healthy New Year! Bright Blessings, woman!

  2. I think I’m with you, Renere. Maintain, love, laugh, and be myself. 2010 taught me that trying to force things to come to fruition will only lead to heartache and frustration. Sometimes it’s better to be the small trickle of water slowly wearing the rough edges of a stone down than a punishing river that throws it out to sea. I’m going to be that trickle of water…and if it turns out more like Chinese water torture for others, I apologize ahead of time! LOL

    Happy New Year, sweetie! Get those guns out for the heartbreakers who appear on your doorstep!

    • What beautifully expressed sentiments. You should think about becoming a writer . . . Wait! What am I saying? You ARE one! lol

      Thanks for being one of the good constants in my year, Danica. I truly hope 2011 is everything you want and need it to be! All success with your career.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Years to all and my sending love.. to my sizzler sisters. I wish I could maintain, but my wish is to put my life back in order, structure my writing more and yes lose weight. If I don’t I’m going to fall apart health wise. which sucks. grins. but that little inner voice is saying you can do it.. And I have you Renere to push me.. love you all.. be safe..

  4. I have faith in you, little sister! Just remember you have claws! *smiles wickedly* Snap them out like talons, sink ’em deep, and refuse to budge from the path you set for yourself!

    Stay safe tonight and beyond! Blessed Be, Gothicdweller! Straight from my heart!

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