Happy Wetsday to You, Happy Wetsday to You

Happy Wetsday, dear SFCatty/Jillian Chantal, Happy Wetsday to YOOOOOUUUU!!!!

I had already written one version of today’s post, in which I pointed out what an extremely fine year the year of my birth was — a real killer vintage, like 1989 for French Champagne or 1995 for California Reds (See, Ro’mama can be highbrow when it is called for!)

But in doing so, I realized that announcing the really awesome people who share that year with me would make it really easy to find out how old they are – you could google the celebs. And since a lady never tells (at least not her age), just trust me — 19XX was a very good year indeed. The hottest guys, the coolest women. That’s us.

And one of those vintage-year babies is my dear, dear friend, Ms. SFCatty, also known to her admiring public as Jillian Chantal, multi-published, best-selling author of romantic-adventure novels and bankruptcy textbooks. If that ain’t range, kids, I don’t know what is!

So while I have my gift for SFCa/JC all wrapped and ready to go, I’m giving her a special Wetsday gift you can all share. She has a well-known weakness for those tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous Mediterranean men, so here is Spain’s favorite son, bull-fighter/model/all-around-hunkulous-maximus, Senor Cayetano Rivera Ordonez to warm up Ms. Chantal’s winter birthday:

(posting this a couple of hours before actual Wednesday so she gets it on her birthday. Also, apologies to Senor Rivera, and for that matter, all of Spain – I couldn’t figure out how to make the little doodad over the Ns. If Senor Rivera will give me a call, I’m sure I can think of some way to apologize for my error.)

4 Responses

  1. Wow! sfcatty/JC gets all the coolage extras! You’d think it was her birthday or something! *lol snort lol*

    Seriously, hoping her special day was the absolute best!

    Thanks, Ro’mama, for sharing the bounty and making us part of it too!

  2. Oooh, muy caliente! That’s a very nice birthday present!

  3. SWOON!!! Thanks, RoMa- I appreciate the thought and am eagerly awaiting his arrival at my hot tub.
    Didn’t see this last night as the Nyquil kicked in and zonked me out.
    Thanks for the great b;day present of this fine gentleman!! Jillian

  4. Happy B’day!! What a celebratory post. RitaVF

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