Christmas Eve Blessings

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve. Has it already been a year since the last one? Seems only a mere month or so ago.

I think I’ve completed all my Christmas shopping. I have wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes, gift bags, present tags, ribbon and probably enough Scotch Tape to secure the torch on the Statue of Liberty if it fell off.  But I’m sure there will be a few last-minute items I’ll rush to get before the stores close, either due to forgetfulness, or assorted pairs of grand baby eyes blinking at me while saying “But Mawmaw, I really, really want that!”

Christmas is all about giving, and joy, and peace. Peace for the world. Peace in one’s soul. We may not make it to each other’s houses today, but we can reach out in spirit.

So as a writer, in keeping with the season I want to offer a few gifts to my colleagues. Who are my colleagues? For one, all you tried-and-true published authors. Then there are the newbie hopefuls working on that first WIP, or waiting for word on submissions –praying it’s a contract but bracing for a rejection. And finally, those who know the hunger but haven’t braved pen to paper yet.  We all share the commonality of  seeking to touch others with our words.

So I wish for you the perfect story. One so old it’s ingrained deep in our psyche, that you tell so uniquely it gains fresh perspective.

I wish for you the art description. The difference between a blue sky and the azure arc of a distant heaven, so your readers are transported to a fascinating world of your design.

I wish for you the perfect turn of phrase. One that carries strength, memorable beyond others. The difference between encroaching darkness, and twilight– or the time when shadows carry no distinction between real and ephemeral; fast coming on dark, the time of day that leaches every bit of color from the surroundings so that the world seems made up of grays and moves in shadowy silhouettes.

I wish for you the perfect word. The difference between being cold, and shivering ice-clad.

Get ready for Christmas morning with loved ones, only this time capture it with your words. Make a point of storing up memories of shredded wrapping paper, discarded tangles of ribbon curls, giggles, and squeals of delight. Soak up the twinkling lights tucked between evergreen branches, muted rays glinting off  ornaments. Scents of bayberry, ginger, cinnamon and pine. Savor the crispness of apple cider, the silky thickness of eggnog coating your tongue followed by the faint bite of nutmeg, the exaggerated chill of air inhaled over peppermint dissolving on your tongue.

Note the eye-crinkling smile of Uncle Woody. The buttery delight of cookies baked by Aunt Ethel, who made them despite the pain of her arthritis. Nothing could be greater proof of her love.

Gather every bit of happiness, wrap it around you like a warm coat against life’s rough patches. These times come only once a year, and every smile is precious.

In the spirit of the greatest story ever told, one that began with a child in a manger, I wish you all the joy and peace of the season.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Write it like you live it!


5 Responses

  1. And all the best wishes right back atcha, Runere! Love ya &cannot wait to see you again!!!

  2. Love this post- all the wishes I know are heartfelt and meant!! Love ya- merry Christmas to you, my dear friend. Jillian

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