A Steamy Wetsday for Christmas

Well, I’ve been irresponsible and worthless, haven’t I? The dreaded dayjob has been really wild here lately, and I let Wetsday slip by me. But I have resolved to change my erring ways, and to make it up to you, I am bringing you a particularly Steamy guest this week.
I went to see Burlesque this week with a group of ladies from my office. Have to say, it was wonderful. If you liked Chicago, All that Jazz or Cabaret, you’ll love it. And you have to give Cher her props — yes, I think she would melt near an open flame, but the woman still has the pipes. Her solo was a high point of the movie.
Another thing I loved in Burlesque was the antagonist. Y’all know I’m always in there falling for the bad guy — Nottingham, Kate’s fiance in Titanic, Jason Isaacs character in The Patriot. And especially when the bad guy is the guy with the money, as he is in Burlesque, I lose interest in the poor but sensitive hero. Give me a bad boy with a fortune any time!
So, true to my mercenary nature, I fell for the wrong guy in Burlesque. Yes, Cam Gigandet (a former Mr. Wetsday himself) was sweet and lovable, but the bad rich guy was the man for me.
So go see Burlesque this weekend, and see if you don’t agree with my assessment. As a little preview, though, here he is, Dr. McSteamy himself, Eric Dane!

3 Responses

  1. I think I drooled a bit with that first picture…nom nom!! Great pick!

  2. I’m with Danica. Couldn’t help staring at his fingers barely clutching that towel and chanting a low-voiced yet heartfelt chorus of “Slips-ies! Splis-ies! Slips-ies!”


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