Holiday Season Giveaway Part 1

Hello everyone. As we begin kicking off our 2010 Holiday Season I’d like to share some giveaways with you all. Tis the season for promo and boy oh boy, authors know how to promo. How?? By giving away free stuff!! One of my favorite things is free books. I love getting free stuff. Well, as long as it doesn’t eat, poop, or drink., those giveaways usually cost me too much money in the end.

But today I’m sharing places where you all can go and enter to win lots of cool things.

First is at 

Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush is great because they have a large number of authors giving away gift cards, mugs, shirts, books, and lots of other goodies.

Second on my list is:

NightOwlReviews WebHunt 

Night Owl Reviews is a great website for not only reviews but fun contest all year round. This one I’m really excited to participate in as they’re giving away a KINDLE!! Plus my publisher is participating in the give away goodies!

Third on my Holiday Season Give Away:

Author chat on December 12,2010 at Love Romance Cafe. A large number of authors and publishers are getting together (including me) to give away items. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to give away but I’m thinking of giving away a copy of my favorite book, but then I’d have to decide what book that is. Instead I may give away a gift card to The Wild Rose Press. Who knows but it’s sure to be alot of fun during the chat!

Fourth: Blogs!!

Oh my goodness there are a ton of authors just giving away all kinds of cool things. Here are some links to check out!

Anna Kathryn Lanier:

Terry Odell:

Sandra Sookoo

Wendy Gray

Terry Spear(1 of my favs!!) and Suzanne Johnson

Samantha Gentry

All right boys and girls. Thats it for today’s Holiday Season giveaway segment. Stop by next Tuesday for more updates and giveaway connections!


7 Responses

  1. Tis the season for giving! And who doesn’t love free stuff?? I might have to check some of these sites out!

  2. Mrs. Claus (AKA Sayde Grace) sure knows how to pump up the Christmas anticipation!

    Thanks for listing all the wonderful sites, Sayde! Some of these look extremely interesting! Wishing you major success with your promos, and remember; I have faith in you, Cowgirl!

  3. I’ll be at the Love Romance Cafe one myself- giving away prizes!! See ya there- Jillian

  4. Wow. This looks great. I’ll be checking out these sites. 🙂

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