A Squeeee-ful Wetsday To All

The announcement is finally up, so I can tell y’all what I’ve just been busting to say: my chick-lit, Desperately Seeking Darcy, finalled in the Get Your Stiletto in the Door Single Title Category!!!!! Yes, this is the one that is no ms I have ever written, where I have no idea what I’m doing except that my muse Bridget grabbed me one evening and said, “Hey, I want you to meet Cassie. Write her story.” I am not even finished, although thanks to NaNo the end is in sight. I just wanted some feedback from people familiar with Chick-Lit, as I am not, so I sent the first three chapters in. Oh, squee!!!
I had heard/read several successful authors say that getting into a good blog-and-friendship partnership made everyone in the group better, and that success being contagious, you’d spur each other on. I admit it, that was a selfish little part of getting the Sizzlers going. But dang, isn’t it working?
So enough giddy bragging – where’s the wet guy? Well, one of the main characters in DSD is a British (what else?) businessman who is trying to start an environmentally friendly auto company. In researching green cars, I ran across an old-school romance figure in one of the last places I’d have expected him. Here’s the original Pecs of Titanium, our old friend FABIO:

Yep, I’ll admit it — I luuurrrvvvve him! Remember kids, I am older than dirt, and I was there for all those sweet-savage romances with Fabio on the cover, hair rippling in the wind,those pecs, those biceps, those thighs . . . Well, ok. Back to blogging. And what with the margarine commercial and spots like the one above, he always seemed to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. So to paraphrase Lizzy Bennett, I have to say that I am a Fabio fan, now despise me if you dare.

But wait, Ro’mama – this is Wetsday, and lovely as Fabio is in that clip, he is both dry and fully clothed. Oh, ye of little faith! Would your RomanceMama let you down? Again to quote Lizzy Bennett: NEVAH!

Here’s Fabio, nice and damp, the way we like him:

You gotta admit, that is a force of nature!!!


5 Responses

  1. Congrats, Ro’mama!! Squee!! I’m so happy for you! It’s not easy branching out to something new, but sometimes it just works and it seems to be working for you.

    Gawd, I don’t even know how many romance books I have in my bookshelves with Fabio on the cover. He isn’t my favorite cover model, but yes, I have to admit, this man is a force of nature.

  2. Dang, woman! I knew you’d hit the ground running — and in stilettos no less!! lol

    Congrats on too many accomplishments to name here, Ro’mama. Prouder than I can say.

    And thank you for the lovely inspirational vision! The young stuff is alright, but if he’s so baby-faced he doesn’t even have pores yet, how can he have that sexy whisker-shadow? (Sorry. Extremely *cough* tactile individual here!)

    Keep banging those keys, woman! What’s coming out is good!

  3. Congrats my friend- so excited- I TRIED to tell you that you have a contemporary voice!! See???

    Fabio was in many of my dreams back in the day!!

  4. Congrats, Ro’Mama. Stilettos, no less. Think the Duke will approve? ANyway, keep on typing!! RitaVF

  5. I don’t think of them as stilettos – the FSU Alpha Xi’s always referred to them as FMPs. And we looked damn good in them Those were the days….

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