Wetsday: Decide for Yourself

I am not going to argue with People Magazine. If they say Ryan Reynolds is the Sexiest Man Alive, I will just go slink off and hide in the corner with my photos of Colin Firth and let you young folks have your fun.

I mean, he is a pretty thing. And I loved him with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. But I don’t know – if you look back over the past few months of this blog, you will see some pretty hot gentlemen who I think coulda been contenders.

So, in case you just came out of a lengthy coma and are not aware of Mr. Reynolds, here he is in a few wet – and dry – photos. You tell me: Sexiest Man Alive?


3 Responses

  1. Ya know, Ro’mama — hiding in the corner is BS! We like what we like! This guy’s got some interesting facial features and what he carries is ripped. But . . . give me a bald Connery with a bottle of red wine and candlelight (the candlelight is for me. It helps soften the ravages of time; I wouldn’t want to frighten the man!)

    The new stuff is great to look at, but I prefer the tried and true. (See Jeff, some of us women prefer comfortable!) Receding hairline (high testosterone, bedroom va-room) a few extra pounds (comfortable with himself and where he is in life) and those sexy little crows feet you can trace with your fingertips (proof he can laugh at himself and life!)

    We’ve all enjoyed Jeff”s comments, so I’m going to ask my sons who they’d recommend be posted for his enjoyment. I’m nothing if not fair!

  2. No. Have to say NO. AND Runere- Jeff will be happy whomever you choose. LOL

    By the way, Jeff will be here on the first Sat in December as our guest.

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