A Time of Thanks

Hello everyone! So I can’t believe I forgot today was Tuesday! I’m going to set an alarm. But I had a rant I was going to share with you all about my brother but today I opted out of ranting. I’m writing on a book which I loved the first time I wrote it but no one else did. Now I love it even more and I can’t help but wonder if that means editors and agents will hate it twice as much this time or if it’ll pass. I’m not going to worry about it. Sometimes I get a little blue over projects that don’t go as well as I think they should but then I remember I’ve got two novella’s published and my editor is still wanting more. Then I sold a book which I thought I’d never sell. And then my editor emailed me and informed me that my latest novella is making it above the 50 mark in best sellers on two ebook sellers. It’s ranked 3 for books sold by The Wild Rose Press. I’m thrilled, and extremely thankful to all those who have helped me.

Another thing I’m thankful for, which I don’t say it enough, is my friends here on the blog. Liz was the first of the sizzlers that I met and I will always remember her intriguing me with her book. Then I spoke to Rita and Paula. Paula is probably the most patient person I know and you all have no idea how thankful I am about that as I’ve had her synopsis for nearly two months! Time issues coupled with computer meltdowns have slowed me down so much! Rita brought to the bunch order and a schedule! I love it. Then come in my lawyers. These ladies cracked me up from the get go with their love of men like Collin Firth and Alan Rickman. I’m so proud to say these ladies have had a great year too. And last but soooo not least I have to be especially thankful for Runere Mclain. This lady emails me out of the blue to encourage me or tell me how proud of me she is and I gotta say those emails make my day!

So I’m beyond thrilled today to thank all these ladies for being my friend. What is the theme song for the Golden Girls? Maybe that should play or better yet we can be Designing women. I want the tiara and the gun like Susan!

Ok so we need one more. Who wants to play Anthony?

5 Responses

  1. Sweet post, Sayde! I have to say, y’all are a bunch of talented, funny women and I’m so glad to have met a few of you. I’m so proud of y’all! This is like a Super Southern Women Group! 😉

  2. Thanks Sayde! Very nice post.

  3. You left yourself out of the mix that’s the Sizzlers, Sayde, and without everyone we aren’t as strong, or understanding, or supportive or effective.

    Thanks for thinking of us — and saying so! It’s something every one of us needs to do more often. Happy Thanksgiving, Cowgirl! And to all my Sizzler Sisters! You’re the best!

  4. Greetings all, thank you Sayde for the sweet comment. I’m very proud of all my Sizzler’s Sisters. In this year alone look at how many of you have become published. I’m so proud of you. Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Congrats, Sayde. Great sales!! Love my Sizzler Sisters!! RitaVF

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