Wish you were here…nights of shooting stars

Meteor over a marina

Hoping that this will get my butt in gear to start some serious work on my floundering NaNo story, I am devoting today’s post to not a place but an event…or several events.

A whole new meaning to April Showers

2001 Leonid shower

In the story, two teens with nothing in common start to realize they have feelings for each other while watching a meteor shower, hence the title Misty….with a chance of shooting stars.

Perseids shower over Stonehenge

I never realized there were quite so many annual showers until I needed to make sure one would coincide with a late October date. 

Orionid shower highlighted in my story

For my story, I settled on the Orionids meteor shower which occurs mid to late October each year. This one worked out perfect since it stems from remnants of Halley’s Comet so it offered lots of information to drive the conversation in the story.

Even as an adult, what could be more romantic than sitting on a blanket under a clear night sky and watching shooting stars with someone you love? I hope everyone enjoys the pictures of previous showers and below you will find a list of annual meteor showers along with the month they usually occur just in case the writer inside you wants to take the hand of a special someone and create your own love story under shooting stars.

romance and shooting stars


Meteor Shower Month            Constellation to
  look towards
Approx sightingsPer hour Originates From
Quadrantids January     Bootes 120 not known
Lyrids April   Lyra 18 Comet Thatcher
Pi-Puppids April     Puppis variable not known
Eta-Aquarid May   Aquarius 60 Halley’s Comet
June Bootids Late June         Bootes variable not known
South.Delta-Aquarids Late July     Aquarius 20 not known
Perseids August     Perseus 100 Comet Swift-Tuttle
Aurigids Aug/Sept   Auriga variable not known
Draconids October     Draco variable not known
Orionids October     Orion 23 Halley’s Comet
S. Taurid November         Taurus 10 not known
N. Taurid November     Taurus 29 not known
Leonids November     Leo 15+ Comet Temple-Tuttle
Alpha-Monocerotids November     Monoceros variable not known
Dec Phoenicids December     Phoenix variable not known
Puppid/Velids December     Puppis 10 not known
Geminids December     Gemini 120 Asteroid 3200 Phaethon
Ursid December   Ursa Minor 10 not known


Until next week…wish you were here.

4 Responses

  1. What a mystical, magical post, Liz!

    Beautiful pictures and an intriguing story plot. Hope you let me read the finished project.

    I look forward to my Sunday travels with you! Thank you again!

  2. Very cool post! Awesome. I love it! Hope you get the story finished- it sounds great.

  3. In your picture meteor over marina it looks more like a rocket launch to me . As the smoke is going up not down.

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