Deep Grief on Wetsday

Yes, my darlings, I am late doing my blog post. But frankly, you guys should be glad I can type at all, through these tears. Ro’mama is in deep, deep mourning, and I don’t even look good in black bombazine.

Why, you ask? Can you have missed the most important news flash of this young century? Isn’t it obvious? Prince William, the best looking heir to the throne England has had in decades, has announced his engagement. And thus, all my dreams for my daughters have fallen into dust.

Gazing down at those little pink-beribboned noggins, sleeping in their cribs, I whispered only one thing to them: “Snag Prince William, Snag Prince William . . . ” I spent all that money on cotillion classes, French lessons, and braces to make them tiara-worthy. I watched every damn Princess movie Walt Disney ever made, to show them how it’s done. But nooooooo!

So my dreams of tea with Liz, Phil and Chuck are history. But for wetsday, here’s a few snaps of what Miss Middleton has caught in the parson’s mousetrap:


6 Responses

  1. ooh la la – love the bathing suit and a man in a uniform. Let’s hope he can keep his bride happy – sorry it wan’t your child!

  2. Those are fantastic pics! And well…I kind of like Miss Middleton. She’s hung in there for quite some time… 🙂

  3. LOL, you know I never have found him that hot. BUT I like Harry. Here’s a pic and he is hot in this one!

  4. Welllll . . . the younger brother is still available. All the perks with less responsibility. Leaves more time for enjoyment!

  5. Eh, Willie is looking too much like his daddy lately for my tastes. Harry on the other hand is just a dose of fiery yummy if I ever saw one…and I’m not even thinking about my daughters as I post this.


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