Wetsday: Nano Scorecard

So far on Romancemama’s Magical NaNoWriMo Tour: 12,000 words, possibly 5,000 of them actually usable; one two-day Death Star Migraine; two, yes two, fever blisters (stress induced), two angry daughters, one long-suffering husband, and two cats who won’t even acknowledge me until I put out some kibble.

I have to say it’s a success so far.

And since I am not wasting any word production that could be devoted to the WIP, I’ll just give you a shot of one of our favorite WetMen, Mr. Jason Isaacs (soon to be seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) for your Wednesday enjoyment:

And now, I’m off to write my H/h a steamy bathtub scene!

7 Responses

  1. I’m stuck in NaNo-NoNo land. It just won’t come to me so I’m going to have to revise yet again. It’s okay though. I only joined up this year because my competitiveness with myself demanded it. *roll*

    Bathtub scenes are…well, they’re wonderful. Read one my CP wrote and was like “oooh, this is a great scene!!” And you even have the inspiration to help you along!

  2. What a lovely ‘inspirational piece’ you’ve provided!

    Write on, NaNo Ro’mama! I have faith in you!

  3. Poor Ro’mama, poor Ro’mama family. Can’t imagine doing NaNo with kids and full time job. Finished last year but this year I’m so far behind that I can’t see your tail lights. RitaVF

  4. You know how I feel about this dude! I highly recommend him in “The State Within” – he is an Ambassador to America from England and he is hot, hot, hot- esp in one scene in particular.

  5. If I got home and found that in my bathtub, writing would be the last thing on my mind. 🙂

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