When Does One Say, “Yes, I’m an Author”

Hello everyone! So the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of career planning. My youngest child will be ready for Pre-K within the year and I’ve been wondering if I should send him to daycare early and get a job. As a stay at home mom I sometimes get the urge to go get a job just so I have a conversation with an adult other than my husband and my mother, not that I don’t love them both but still.

But then if I did go through with it when would I write? As it is I’m very limited now with my three-year old becoming pure BOY!! Mischief all the time! So I began really thinking about my writing career. I enjoy writing novella’s but I haven’t had much success with my full length novels which are paranormals and not my wickedly wild cowboys.

But today I have news that I owe to several people. Let me just give a HUGE shout out to Rebecca Z. for sticking with my paranormal stories and always telling me they’re good no matter what I think. And for always reminding me why my cowboy stories seem so much stronger(which let me just say she LAUGHED at me but she did make it clear to me 🙂 ). Then I need to give a HUGE FREAKIN thank you to Jillian Chantal(SFCATTY!!!) for telling me to send to her publisher as she’d love to have me as a sister in the publishing house.

Friday night, Saturday early morning I hit the send button on my email thinking that in two months I’d get a generic rejection on my Urban Fantasy that has kicked my rear-end. I was getting ready to get my daughter from school yesterday and saw I had an email on my phone. I clicked the little button and began reading, “Thank you for sending us UNTAMABLE, we really enjoyed it.” Now here is where my eyes glazed over because all my rejections on this story start this way and end in “while the story is strong and the characters are terrific we just feel that it’s missing something.”

So I got in my Tahoe and began driving down my driveway when I picked my phone back up and decided to read the entire email. It went like this, “BLAH BLAH BLAH, you’re publication date will be….” I stopped the truck and went WTF ?? Rejections don’t include publication dates. “April 2011 and print in September 2011.” WHAT?????

After closing my mouth and shaking my head I realized I’d just been offered a contract for the urban fantasy that I’d almost given up on, well to be honest I had given up on it. I’d decided to send it two more times then put it to bed for good. Siren Publishing has offered and I’ve accepted! I’m thrilled to be a fellow Siren author with Jillian. Thank you so much for encouraging me to send to them! I never share news until I have signed the contract but this time I actually did get excited after I sent the editor my answer! LOL, I think it drives my friends crazy when I get good news and I just shrug and say “Yeah, I’m happy.” So I guess now I’m at a point where I can say, “Yes, I’m an author.” YAY, maybe that’s what I’m really excited about! Who knows.

Thank you ladies for all your support and I hate to do this but I imagine on Thursday or Friday I will be interrupting our regularly scheduled programing for a smaller announcement. OH OH I almost forgot, THE HARDER THEY BUCK is a featured title on BookStrand and is currently ranked 51 in their best sellers list! YAY!


9 Responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, SAYDE!!! That’s fantastic news!! 🙂 So happy for you!!

  2. Cow-giiirl! Doing one-legged happy dance and popping wheelies with the walker! And did I not tell you earlier I had a feeling about more and better things?!? LOL

    Proud of you! And there’s your ‘Should I get job?’ answer. You already have one! As a writer!

    Love ya, girl!

  3. Now that Sayde and I are both Siren Book Strand authors, what are the rest of you Sizzlers waiting for? Submit, submmit, submit!!

    Congrats again Sayde. I knew Jasper would find a home at Siren.

  4. WTG Sayde Grace and Jillian!!! Back to NaNo RitaVF

  5. Great job, Sayde! (And I’m SO glad you figured out why your cowboys are SO strong…) Though, I really don’t recall laughing. Not at all. 🙂

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