Wish You Were Here…Playa Koralia Columbia

Playa Koralia

Once again I took to the internet to find a location for today’s post. On the MSN site there was a photo spread named Best Places You’ve Never Heard Of. I came across this photo of a bed on the shore of a beach and figured it was a place sure to inspire some romance, especially during this cool snap we’re experiencing at the moment.

Playa Koralia is a private resort in Columbia.

Statue in Koralia gardens

Using the country notorious for drug cartels as well as other criminal activities as a back drop for your story, it is easy to imagine a strong Latin hero or a tough American soldier for a woman to fall in love with before he whisks her away for a passion filled night in one of these dreamy resort rooms.

romantic bedroom suite

Playa Koralia is only one hour away from Santa Marta and has everything in nature to make it a perfect romantic destination or private getaway for a writer looking to finish November’s 50,000 word count goal.

waterfall in the garden

A place that combines sand, sea, lush gardens, fresh water, wildlife, light and shade where elements come together with rivers flowing from the snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada flow into the blue Caribbean. It’s hard to imagine relaxing in a tropical beach while looking over mountains capped with snow in the distance, but here it is possible.

snow covered mountains


This is a place where pictures speak louder than words so I leave you with these images hopefully to give my fellow novelists inspiration and motivation for a current or future storyline plot.

exotic bird

Beautiful setting for a wedding


Wish you were here….

A breathtaking sunset to end the day

2 Responses

  1. Oh, Liz! I can feel the surf foaming around my ankles as I walk on the beach in that final photo!

    Beautifully done, as usual! I wish WAS there!

  2. OOH LA LA – I love the bedroom picture and the cool bird. Would love that Latin lover in that room. There’s enough floor space there for a romantic tango. Nice inspiration, Lizbeth

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