The Importance of Goals . . . Sometimes You Get a Return

WOLF IN THE NIGHT by Runere McLain

Available the first time on Thanksgiving Day in ARe’s anthology “Just One Bite Volume Three” at

Contains WOLF IN THE NIGHT a short story by Runere McLain

Hey, y’all!! I got a little fussed at for not announcing I had a short story published thanks to ARe’s last contest, so here it is. Think I’m still a little in shock! The main thing I want to be sure to do is thank ARe  ( for creating these contests, the readers who voted and the wonderful Cat Johnson for taking time from her busy career to judge numerous entries to come up with the finalists. Contests like these give writers an opportunity to get free reads out there to the public. Fantastic promotional and marketing tools to give readers a taste of what you can do to generate interest in your writing. To get a free read published is an achievement to be thankful for indeed! Believe me, I am thankful. And excited!

As a writer, it’s so easy to get caught up in simply ‘writing’. But there are so many other things to consider if this is to be your career.

Editing, submissions, promotions, building a website, blogging, writing groups . . . the list could be endless. Finding a supportive writing group is difficult, and I feel so lucky to have found GCCRWA. It’s a mix of long-published, newly published and never been published writers who have no qualms sharing their advice and experiences. Ladies, and Don, I salute you. I love every single one of you!

Goals have been the tricky thing for me. I’ll be writing away, and another germ of an idea will wriggle its way into my brain. It grows until I feel like I have to get at least the bare bones on paper. Problem? It disrupts what I’m currently working on. If I’m not careful, I find my laptop littered with all sorts of fantastic starts and no finishes. So one of my goals is to FINISH WHAT I ALREADY HAVE STARTED. Now if I get stuck, I may go scribble a bit on something else, but I make sure to limit the time alloted to it. Usually it’s the perfect way to clear the fog surrounding what stumped me on my current WIP.

Another goal I’ve foisted on myself is submissions. How can you get published if you don’t submit? And the rejection letters actually help you along as a writer. They toughen you up; make you realize they might sting a bit, but they won’t kill you. So far, every rejection letter I’ve received has contained a precious piece of advice that improved me as a writer. So I’ve set the goal of ‘X’ number of submissions a month.

To meet that goal last month, I had to bang out a short story (yeah, lengthwise, I kind of cheated! But it was a submission!) for a contest at ARe. has long been a reputable source for romance eBooks and I had no problem submitting to them. I submitted late on Wednesday night, just squeaking it into the end of the calendar month. When I had an email from them Friday morning, I believed it was simply receipt for my entry. Imagine my shock on being informed I was one of the 32 finalists!

Long story short, my short story will be published in ARe’s anthology “JUST ONE BITE VOLUME THREE”! And it was just the reinforcement, the validation, I sorely needed to persevere. So thanks to ARe, and to Cat Johnson for all her selfless work. I especially want to thank her for her encouraging personal email!

No one can pinpoint your weaknesses better than you can yourself. Do yourself a favor; isolate them and work toward eliminating them. Meeting a goal not only strengthens you, sometimes you get a return!


9 Responses

  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats, Runere!! Small goals, big goals, they’re all needed to remind us that there’s always something to look forward to. Yay, for Runere!

    • Thanks, Danica! I’m so easily thrilled this will keep me running for years! lol Can’t begin to describe how happy it makes me! And hopeful, too! Makes me think “Maybe I really can do this full time eventually . . . “

  2. Great post!! So happy for you, Runere. What an achievement–published while seriously gimped up. Hope you are doing better. BTW, you (and Steve as chief chaffeur and supporter) joining GCCRWA has been a gift to us all. RitaVF

  3. Thanks, woman! I’m afraid my initial reaction was “Give it back! Please, I have to fix the boo-boos!” But it felt good, too! Makes it so much easier to stay on track now, and for that I am forever grateful.

  4. YAY!! AND yes, you devil- we fussed at you- here we are crowing about our successes and whining about our failures and lil ole Runere is over there in her house, quietly getting the job done and then sneaking it into her signature block waiting for one of us dummies to notice!!!

    BIG, MAJOR congrats to you, my friend and next time- be a rooster and crow a little!

    • Laughing over the rooster comment! My grandmother used to fuss at me for whistling. Quoting her: “A whistling woman and a crowing hen, always come to a terrible end!” And that woman could lock gazes with you with fearsome effect!

      Thanks for the good wishes! And I was ‘skeered’ to mention it because it was a short story. Wasn’t sure it counted all that much! But I sure am glad to say I have a ROMANCE story pubbed! Finally! lol

  5. WHOOT< Congrats Runere!!!! I'm so proud of you sister. Your so very talented, and I can't wait to see your in print. huggles..

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