Jeez, I almost forgot!

Hello everyone! Jeez, my brain is going a hundred miles an hour! I almost forgot today was my day to blog here! I was sitting here going over guest bloggers that I’ve invited and it hit me “Today is TUESDAY SAYDE!!” Opps.

So this past week my husband has been on vacation. What does that mean? No writing. Seriously I have not written in 9 days! The world is still spinning though so it must be all right. But while I was not writing I managed to help start a new group blog I’ve joined. It will be 14 authors who write all about cowboys and their wild and wicked ways! I’m excited about it! I’ll let everyone know the details later when we’ve got it all ironed out.

And while I was not writing I had a release, The Harder They Buck came out and today I got my first review back. To see it go here, Also I got word that my free read which leads into a whole new series I have been toying with was accepted by All Romance Ebooks as a free read for their newsletter and their website. I’m excited about this because I’ve been wanting to get a free read out there and well now I have.

And one more thing that I’ve done while not writing? I made book trailers!! Most of you know by now if you’re ever read any one of my posts that my critique partner is Rebecca Zanetti, author extraordinaire :). Well what you may not know, and yes I’m telling secrets here, Rebecca is a clicker! When she gets bored or wants to avoid something she starts clicking away redoing her website, blog, etc. I always know when she’s avoiding writing because I’ll get emails that say “Hey, look at my website, or Hey, check this out” Lol, I love it, she cracks me up and she always does a great job with her sites and then she ends up nailing the writing she’s avoided! Makes me a bit jealous!

 Well this week she did it all! She messed around so much that she inspired me to make book trailers as that was one thing she clicked away on! I’m adding her trailer on this post as well since it’s what inspired me to do mine. Don’t forget that you can already pre-order Fated! It’s so worth it to have it shipped to you as soon as it releases! I’m pre ordering mine! And as always The Harder They Buck is always around if you want something steamy 🙂


2 Responses

  1. So, you now have this blog, your personal one and one with 14 cowgirls – we’re gonna have to get you a calendar with all the Tuesdays in red so you don’t forget lil ole us! LOL!
    I love your trailers by the way (even the one with the country music- and you know how hard that was for me to listen to)-

  2. Hey, Cowgirl!

    Know you have to be twitching from not writing for so long! Glad you found another avenue of escape! I’m thrilled to hear THE HARDER THEY BUCK is already getting good reviews!

    Like the book trailers; Rebecca’s too. Play me some country music anytime. And Slipknot. And Nine Inch Nails. And Gregorian Chant. And Kid Rock. Yep, I can be a bit moody! Good writing, Cowgirl!

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