Wish you were here….there’s a bad moon on the rising

Harvest moon

While I tried to stay with real pictures...I just love kitties and couldn't resist

Since next week is Halloween, I will save the spook factor until then.

Full moon over Antartica

But this weekend the night sky has been filled with the light of a full moon. Since I like the night, I find the sight of a black sky with a bright white sphere hypnotizing.

Logo for Full Moon Productions...love the wolves

Throughout history, painters, writers, musicians and poets have been inspired by the mystic of the moon as well.

Lighthouse Kampen

There are so many myths associated with a full moon; to list all of them could fill a whole book alone. Of course the most well-known are those associated with shifters and werewolves. There are also deities of the moon….Luna and Selene are probably the most famous. However, there are other lesser known such as Soma, the Hindu god and Tecciztecati, an Aztec god. The Inuit people of Alaska have a legend of a moon god by the name of Anningan. I won’t list the details of this myth here, it is one better left to those curious enough to research it to do so on their own; however I must warn you it is not a pleasant one. For a happier story there is the love story of Mawu, a moon god and Liza, a sun goddess from Africa.

Moon over water in Cambodia

According to the Farmer’s Almanac each full moon has a name and meaning. I won’t list the meanings, but will list the names in month order. January –Full Wolf Moon, February – Full Snow Moon, March – Full Worm (eww) Moon, April – Full Pink Moon, May – Full Flower Moon, June – Full Strawberry Moon, July – Full Buck Moon, August – Full Sturgeon Moon, September – Full Corn Moon, October – Full Harvest Moon, November – Full Beaver Moon, December – Full Cold Moon. And of course, I would hope as romance writers we all know the meaning of the Blue Moon.

For Jenn....a cowboy in the moonlight

I tried to find a picture for everyone here at Southern Sizzlers to go with their genre of interest. However for our historical regency fan, well…let’s just say it’s hard to go back to an era when digital cameras weren’t around to capture the beauty of the night sky while riding in a coach with Mr. Darcy. I guess you will have to use your imagination.

Until next week, between dodging the spirits on all hallows eve and the trick-or-treaters, enjoy what’s left of the full moon and

St. Alban's Cathedral by moonlight

How many rituals were perfomed here under a full moon I wonder?

wish you were here.

3 Responses

  1. Oh, believe me, I use my imagination about a lot of things related to Mr. Darcy! Hmmm, not the size of the moon, though . . .

    The picture of St Albans by moonlight was enough to appeal to my Anglophile soul. Lovely, lovely post!

  2. (Hey, I like kitties too! lol) Intriguing photos, Lizbeth, that appeal to the imagination! And the imagination takes us to the very best places by far! The beauty of writing about them means we never go alone!

    Another wonderful post!

  3. Love it. Hunter’s Moon is the first full moon after the autumn equinox. I blogged on Jillian’s blog about it yesterday! LOL! I have always loved the lore of the moon and thanks for sharing some of it here.

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