A Serious Wetsday – In Praise of Real Heroes

I’m suffering from extreme lack of sleep, kids, so this may not be the most coherent of my posts. (Like any of them are, I hear you saying. Just hush and keep reading.) I stayed up half the night watched the Chilean Mine Miracle, and y’all know how emotional I get. I mean, coffee commercials make me cry. (The one where the kid comes home from college for Christmas and makes Maxwell House early in the morning – sob!)

But the thing that had me crying last night was real, not some cheesy tearjerker designed to sell product. It was vital and emotional, and the happy-ever-after was not guaranteed. I was crying for the moms and wives, sisters and daughters who were there, hoping, praying, and at last embracing their men. I was crying because for all our faults, we live in a world where everyone – including apparently President Obama, Mahmood Abdenijad (or whatever that crazy man’s name is), the Dear Queen, and lots of us regular folk – stops and says a prayer, to whomever and whatever each of us believes in, for the safety of people we don’t know. I cried for the technology that came together selflessly to save the miners. Like Lilo said, “Ohana means family. No one gets left behind.”

But most of all I cried because there are people in this world who will take the most extreme risks, bear the most awful burdens, to help a fellow human being. When we romance writers talk about heroes, we go off on Mr. Darcy, the Duke of St. Ives, and the movie star of the moment. But for Wetsday today, let’s celebrate a real hero, a man who voluntarily went into the hellhole of the Chilean mine. I saw a billboard after 9/11 with a picture of a fireman and the caption, “When everyone else ran out, he ran in.”

Now that’s heroism.

And in that spirit, I present my newest fantasy man, the guy who went in to get everyone else out – Chilean Paramedic and Rescue Tech Manuel Gonzalez Paves. (And just like we want our heroes to be, he is one good lookin’ Latin boy!)

Photo Credit: Hugo Infante/Government of Chile
By Rescate Mineros
Secretaria de Comunicaciones


3 Responses

  1. Nice one, Ro’Ma. We need people like this in the world. As Claustrophobia Girl, I can really, really, really say this hombre is a real hero- voluntarily going down there in those dark, tight quarters is amazing. I know I couldn’t have done it and I admire the hell out of him.

  2. A Serious Wetsday – In Praise of Real Heroes « Southern Sizzle Romance…

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  3. Hey Ro’mama! Trying to tuck this between hurting so badly my eyes are crossed, and being so comfortably numb with medicinals my eyes are crossed! Not much of a time span there! lol

    I couldn’t have survived being trapped down there. Period. I sincerely hope these men are able to cope with the aftermath. I squalled when I saw one of them lifted above ground for the first time in over two months.

    So I agree with you on the ‘real heroes’ in this bunch!

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