When The Commas Attack

Thats right you heard it! The commas have attacked me! Seriously all I see when I am typing are commas! They’re everywhere.

A few weeks ago I think my critique partner Rebecca Zanetti decided she wanted to paint a rainbow on my document she was critiquing because she hit the highlighter and put commas everywhere! Now, I see my page and see nothing but commas and a highlighted page! All right, not really but damn who knew that commas were such a big deal? I should also stop and let everyone know that although I actually have scored very high on IQ tests I skipped over half of my senior year in high school which cut out a lot of my grammar learning 🙂 In college I did very well, but after six years of no school to keep me on track with my grammar I am struggling a bit.

I have studied a bit about grammar but my eyes literally glaze over and I begin to fade into the sleep world just at the sight of an english book! So I learned how to use the grammar check on my computer and I place commas where I think they should be. Most of that has worked, yet I still need a ton of those damn little things! They’re killing me! I dream of going back in time to find hte person responsible for them and beating him/her down!

So that’s my writing weakness, what is yours?

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8 Responses

  1. You’re not the only one who’s a Comma Queen, my friend. I have that problem as well. The rule of thumb I tend to follow is I put a comma where I would pause when I speak. However, one of my CPs mentioned that my writing structure is a little “off”. LOL, we both figure it’s because of my southernness, or rather, my south Louisiananianness. Hearing broken English and broken English all my life has not aided me in my writing!

    • Lol, I try that “pause to breath” method but I guess I don’t breath that much 🙂 I got that sentence structure comment from an editor a few weeks ago! Whats wrong with people? Dont they know we’re southern and are allowed to write like we talk?

  2. Sayde- my paralegal has the very same issue and I have tried to hep her with the same advice as Danica gives- where you would breath or pause is where to put them. But then there’s also the rules about setting off names, dates, etc. and the rules about commas in lists and should you put one before an “and” in a list, and the list of rules goes on and on. ARE YOU ASLEEP YET???

    Love ya, comma-challenged and all.

  3. Honey, given all the successes you’re having, I wouldn’t sweat the commas. You’re obviously doing the stories right — and when you hit NYT, you can hire an assistant to put in commas for you.

    • I don’t know about all that but I’ll take a compliment and you’ve reminded me I need to send Rebecca a terrific present for helping my comma challege issue!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Danica Avet, JIllian. JIllian said: When The Commas Attack: http://t.co/i4MRb7Z […]

  5. Hey, Sayde! Taking a short break from the CPM, that instrument of torture your leg is strapped into that forces it to flex. They say it has to go to 120 degrees before they’ll be happy. I made 110 degrees under the influence of very strong drugs. Starting over today it’s only gone to 88 degrees so far, so I have much further to go before I can climb off it. Stupid machine!

    I equate this stupid machine with commas. So yes, I hate commas too! lol

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