Badurday-October 9, 2010- Liam Cormac

Liam - a little older but still with the devilish look

I already know I’m in trouble with Sayde Grace. She won’t be able to resist  making fun of me for this Badurday post. She loves to tease me about my inspiration!  Badurday was the first weekly feature of this blog when we set it up in August 2009. I chose the idea of Badurday because of another website I love that has Caturday where funny cat pictures are posted on Saturdays. My plan was to feature bad boys of  film and books on every Saturday. I had another bloke in mind for this week but when I got some good news this week, I decided to post my own bad boy of fiction today. And the inspiration for him.

Let me start at the beginning. Last year was the first year I had heard of NaNoWriMo. November is National Novel Writing month and the challenge is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.  Several friends and I decided we wanted to play. I had no plan for a story idea.  About three weeks before November 1, 2009, I woke up to a man in my head. He said, “my name is Liam Cormac and you’re gonna tell my story.” Well,  Okaaayy…

So, about two days after that, I came up with his story- or he told me his story, I should say.  A historical- gasp, no. Please no, Liam. I never wanted to write a historical. Don’t get me wrong, I am a history hound. Love, love, love it. BUT I’m scared to death of the history  police. Terrified. Quake in the boots frightened. What if I got a phrase wrong? What if I had a character use something that hadn’t been invented yet? There was much to fear.  AND, surprisingly, as I wrote it,  my feeble brain kicked in and the mistakes I almost made, I caught in time.  Three almost mistakes come to mind. One: Liam told me he was on the RMS Queen Mary. Well, no, dude, you weren’t- your story occured in 1920. The Queen Mary sailed from 1936-1967- so, I had to find another Cunard Line ship. I found the RMS Mauretania had the perfect time line and it also had a history I needed as a troop ship during WWI.  Two:  My heroine, Peg, is a lounge singer. I wanted her to sing Stardust. Then I remembered it was composed in 1927 – so, nope. She couldn’t sing it. Pity as I love the song. Three: I got them to the USA on the ship and was going to get her a job in a bar in New York. Until I remembered that Prohibition came into law in 1919. Oh, dear, what to do? The answer came, Peg made her way to Chicago and went to work in a speakeasy (and yeah, I know they had them in NYC as well, but Chicago was so much more gangster friendly- if there is such a thing).  So, the fact that I’ve always been intrigued by the 1920s and that era came in handy.  The old subconscious saved my butt.

So, I wrote my historical romance called Redemption for the Devil for NaNoWriMo. It was a wild ride and I had a blast. Actually wrote 51,000 words in 21 days. Had to finish early as we were traveling to see #1 son in Boca Raton where he’s in college. We were spending Thanksgiving weekend there. I knew I wouldn’t get any writing done so I pushed on and finished early.  Once I was done, I let it simmer for a while and edited it only slightly. I didn’t over do the history as I didn’t want it to seem too dull.

I submitted it to Samhain Publishing after our GCCRWA conference in March 2010.  It was ultimately rejected in June, 2010.  I then submitted it to Desert Breeze Publishing in early July, 2010.  I also had a request for it at National RWA Conference but before I could send it to that editor, the acquisitions editor at Desert Breeze emailed me in early August and said she liked it but wasn’t prepared to offer a contract. She stated that I needed to draw the reader more into the era.  She asked me to add more historical detail and resubmit.  So, shows what I know. I thought too much detail wasn’t good.  I spent September revising and adding 25,000 words to it. The basic story remained the same- I just added way more detail.  Sent it back to her on September 25, 2010.

So, the grand news is that she emailed me on the 5th of October. Among other things, she said, “Bravo! I feel much more engaged and the details are brighter and livelier.”  She offered me a contract and I accepted it. The book will be released in July 2011.

Liam, my Irish devil, told me I’d tell his story and I have. I’m proud to say that I love him almost as much as Peg does and I’m hoping the readers will, too. And pray that the historical police don’t get me.

Here’s my inspiration for how Liam looks. He can sneer with the best of them. And yes, even though I captioned the pictures as Liam, I know what this man’s mamma named him for real.

How Liam looks- the proper hair length

Liam in modern clothes

6 Responses

  1. This just proves writing from the heart touches other hearts! Congrats again on the contract. Can’t wait to read REDEMPTION FOR THE DEVIL. Proud of your perseverance, woman. I know some unnecessarily snarky (and obviously erroneous!) contest judges comments undermined you for a bit.

    *Blinks innocently* Are you sending out publication announcements– like to the contest panels? laughing Yeah, I have a mean streak! Wish I could see their faces, too! Go, Jillian!

    • Yep- the one contest judge was a real cow but it wasn’t this book that she was snarky about, it was the other one I sold- Solo Honeymoon. And yeah, I’d love to ask her if she can say “SOLD!” – just hoping she sees it out there in the world.

  2. Enjoyed the post.
    Alan Rickman is a fantastic actor. He plays a terrific villain … and I’ve seen him in other roles I can’t remember at the moment.
    Congratulations again on the book being sold. Eager to see it in print.

    • Thanks for the congrats, Jeff-

      I think Alan is the most talented actor of his generation- very versatile. I have seen him be a wonderful evil character as well as a tender, gentle, good man.

  3. You threw me for a loop at first….I always look at the pictures first then read the story. So I was saying DAMN he looks a lot like Alan. lol

    Great post now that has been cleared up and I am not sitting here scratching my head.

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