Wetsday Salute to Youth and Beauty

The coming of fall always brings a bit of melancholy. The days are growing shorter, the trees losing their leaves, and Ro’mama has spotted another grey hair. Tis sad but true, my darlings, we are all getting older.

This was really brought home to me this past week when I finally got to see one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year. Well, most eagerly anticipated if you take a poll of middle aged women who write romance and have a fetish for all things, and men, British. Ok, so SFCatty and I were anticipating it. The rest of you may not have even heard of it.

But I have been longing to see Dorian Grey, the newest film version of dear Oscar Wilde’s horror story/social commentary. Now, anything by Oscar is gonna be top of my list, but I am also a fan of anything spooky and (cue theramin music) unexplained.

The old 1950’s version of The Picture of Dorian Gray was one of those watershed movie moments for me – I won’t give away the ending, in case anyone doesn’t know the story (and shame on you for not having read Oscar’s works!), but I discovered the whole Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft world of mysterious stories after watching TPDG with my brother and cousins. The fact that my mom let little 6 or 7 year old me stay up til midnight to watch Creature Feature may explain a lot about my childhood and how I turned out.

But I digress. Above and beyond the eerie storyline and darling Oscar’s flair with a bon mot, there was one overwhelming reason for me to see this movie: The decadent Lord Henry, who corrupts young innocent Dorian, is played by none other than my second husband, Colin Firth.

(Yes, I’m still on the first husband. But he knows when Colin calls, I’m gone.)

So I was all about seeing Colin chew up the scenery as a very over-the-top character whilst feasting my eyes on his masculine pulchritude. Living in Pensacola, I didn’t get to see Dorian Grey at a theatre, but at long last it appeared in Blockbuster. DD#1, now in college, brought it home for us to watch together.

And it was fabulous, beyond wonderful, absolutely incredible. But. . .

The hot hunk who stole the movie was not my Darling Colin. I know, it’s hard to believe, but even Colin’s gorgeousness paled, just a bit, whenever the title character was onscreen. (Darling, it doesn’t matter – I love you for your soul, not just because of your long legs, wavy dark hair and twinkling eyes!) Youth and beauty always do give age and dignity a run for the money, you know. (Not to mention the unfortunate facial hair Colin sported. While period-accurate, for a few minutes I thought he had a badger on his chin.)

Seriously, young Ben Barnes, he of Prince Caspian fame, achieved extreme hotness as the ill-fated Dorian. Yes, before you say it, I realize he is young enough to be my son. And after I ran Daniel Radcliffe as my wet boy a couple of weeks ago, you may all be thinking Romama has gone all ZsaZsa Gabor on you and will start chasing after pool boys.

But you need to check out Ben, here in a lovely damp shot suitable for Wetsday, plus these photos of him in period dress. (And if you google the right phrase, you may find a shot of him out of period dress. From time to time, Ro’mama surfs across goodies she can’t post on this blog!)

So happy Wetsday!

And if you happen to see any stray pool boys . . .


2 Responses

  1. AND he has a dimple in his chin! *sigh*

    Loved the book; enjoyed the movie(s)! You should be proud of Colin for stepping back to allow young Ben a moment to shine. Just proves he’s the better man! (Now do you feel better?) Lovely, lovely pics, Ro’mama! You always manage to thrill us.

  2. Thanks! It was worth the wait- AND you know you can always email me that other pic, Dahling, Zsa Zsa.

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