Tuesday’s Industry News: Writing Sucks

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well this chilly morning. I love cold weather so I’m doing great! First let me remind all our readers to head over to http://www.allromanceebooks.com/contest.html to vote for our wonderful Runere. Second, writing sucks!! Well, not really but… I had a very bad writing week last week.Rejection after rejection showed up in my inbox for one of my paranormal suspense. Not one said the same thing though, and it left me very confused. Especially when all of them had very harsh words but asked to see other titles I had. WHAT??? So by Friday I was done, cooked and ready to serve. I imagine we all get very discouraged sometimes in our writing careers and last week was my week to pout.

I had no desire at all to write anything by Friday. I wanted to stop completely and take a break, which is not like me at all. Usually when I get discouraged I open up a project that is in a different genre and work on it for a change. Not this time. However I had my local RWA meeting on Saturday(and yes, I tried to bail) which turned things around. Runere presented our group with some great information on ghost hunting, ghosts, voodoo, and native american beliefs. These were topics that I’d been playing around with in a rewrite on a project so I was so excited by the time we left the meeting. Then after laughing at SFCatty for bringing her life size standup of professor Snape to the meeting she sent me this, stating that she was sure I’d take one. http://www.cardboardpeople.com/store/pc/shownewarrivals_pbr.asp So she was right! I’d take one in a heartbeat!! And to top it off with my wonderful critique partner Rebecca Zanetti gave me her platform building theory and I was in it. All in all just when I think being a writing and writing sucks, I’m reminded by good friends and great information that neither is true.

What do you do when you get the writing blues?? Oh and The Harder They Buck, the second book in my Cowgirl Tough Series, will be released on October 22, 2010!!


6 Responses

  1. What do I do when I get the writing blues?

    Go for a monster bike ride, watch a crazy good movie, blare the music (Usually P!nk), do a few critiques. . . stuff like that.

    Usually one of those things work and within a short period I’m back in the saddle again. 🙂

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Sayde- glad to have amused you- Cardboard people are fun- they can’t talk back! LOL!

    When I get the writing blues, I whine a bit and then do like Lynn, watch a movie and get inspired to keep on keeping on! Or whine to my Sizzler SIsters and they pull me from my funk.

  3. I read to remind myself what I’m trying to accomplish, or I’ll do something completely unwriterly (new word) and go fishing or something similiar. Just to get myself out of the house and not thinking about my poor lonely laptop.

  4. Hey Sayde! Thanks for the shout out. I’m really getting my butt kicked in the contest at this point and need some help! (Um, does that prove I have the bigger target or what? *winces while backed up to the mirror* lol)

    Was excited about THE HARDER THEY BUCK’s cover; am thrilled you have a release date! Adding it to my website!

    When I can’t catch my muse long enough to nail the hem of her robe solidly to the floor, I usually do something outdoors. Garden. Shoot stuff. Play with the dogs. Shoot stuff. Fish in the pond for that huge elusive bass the grandkids have nicknamed “Ol’ Bucketmouth”. Shoot stuff. Oh, and sometimes I shoot stuff! Very therapeutic!

    Push all the negative away, Cowgirl. What you write is good. And I have every faith it will eventually find the right home!

  5. Hey Sayde,
    I’m in that same boat right now. Rejection after rejection an all saying something different. I think the comment I’ve grown to hate most is “I love your voice it’s unique but….” That one says you have talent but just not enough for us to publish you. It’s a hard game to play but hang in there you’re off to a great start.

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