Wish you were here…Santo Domingo

In honor of Saturday’s wonderful and informative program by Lois I decided to feature Santo Domingo as today’s wish you were here location. When I came home I took some time to read up on Sanite’ DeDe and her role in history. Like her protégé’ Marie Laveau she brought her skills and knowledge about voodoo from Santo Domingo as a slave and gained her freedom later in New Orleans.

This research then reminded me of a movie I saw many years ago about voodoo and zombies. Long before Bill Pullman stole Sandra Bullock’s heart in While You Were Sleeping, he was a Harvard researcher who travels to Haiti to find a drug that supposedly makes zombies. However, some of The Serpent And The Rainbow was actually filmed in the Dominican Republic and has some beautiful scenery despite the dark subject.

Cemetery on Avenue Independencia

 The Caribbean island was a stopping place for Christopher Columbus in 1492, sharing that year with our own history and is the oldest city in the new world. The culture is a diverse mix of native Taino Indian, European, and African which probably helped introduce the practice of voodoo to the island people.

The historical city is full of wonderful old sites to tour, and most likely run across a departed spirit or two along the way.  While touring the city, visitors can learn all about amber, the stone mentioned by Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park film as well as by Lois in our presentation Saturday.

Amber Musuem

The Amber Museum on Calle Arz. Meriño features exceptional educational exhibits of the semi-precious jewel. Of course this is only one of the many museums and attractions Santo Domingo has to offer.

Renaissance Santo Domingo

I know when it comes to an island getaway, one usually thinks of Bermuda or the Virgin Islands, but after viewing some of the romantic scenery and learning of the rich history, a writer should be able to find some inspiration for any genre.

So until next week, I hope everyone enjoys the pics and wish you were here.


4 Responses

  1. As always, Lizbeth- a wonderful post. I love, love, love the stone work on that church- it is beautiful! And that hotel room? Ohh la la, I can fantasize a man with an accent setting the ambiance so well. So, thanks for the inspiration- the church and the room is sparking an idea!

  2. Wow, Lizbeth! Incredible photos and information! That church has to be one of most intriguingly constructed buildings I’ve ever seen. And I want to wade and swim where the eddies gentle at the bottom of the falls!

    You did it again. I wish I was there! Thank you!

  3. WOW! I am truly impressed by this waterfall. I’m a bit of a waterfall hunter here, in the Dominican Republic, but never seen the like of that one here. I’d love to see it! Could you please tell me where to find this fall? Thx

    • I will have to go back to check my notes and get back to you. Waterfalls are probably one of the most beautiful natural wonders there are. Glad you liked it.

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