A Different Twist for Badurday- A Montage Tribute to Stephen Cannell


The A Team


21 jump street

Rockford Files

This week, we lost one of my favorite producers/screen writers. Stephen Cannell. I always enjoyed watching the shows he produced and had quite a few favorites. The Greatest American Hero was a bit cheesy but the dialogue was sharp and clever. I adore sharp and clever. I aspire to that in my own writing.  The Rockford Files was awesome, loved The Commish, and other than Romancemama, who didn’t love and adore the men of The A Team?  Who liked to watch Wiseguy? I did.

One of my particular favorites was Silk Stalkings. What an awesome show. Hot cops – both male and female (That’s for you, Jeff) and fun story lines.  As I recall, even the police station was an interestingly different  set up.  It was blue and back lit.

And, last but not least, who could forget 21 Jump Street? What a premise that one had. Young cops undercover in schools- I enjoyed the heck out of it- yes, I loved Johnny Depp even back then. 

Enjoy the photo montage here in tribute to Stephen Cannell. I didn’t even get into his talents as a novelist but I recommend his books. Highly.  The world is a bit dimmer without him.

Rob Estes

Ken Wahl- Wiseguy

Rob Estes- Silk StalkingsCommish

M. Chiklas- The Commish

Johnny Depp

Greatest American Hero


11 Responses

  1. I may not agree with you on the A Team, but you’ve brought back wonderful memories of The Rockford Files. Loved that Jim Garner! And since the little one discovered Carrie, I’ve been reliving my late-seventies crush on Greatest American Hero’s William Katt.

    A lovely tribute to a talented man.

  2. What a line-up! Just please don’t try to make me choose. I honestly couldn’t. I’d be like a kid turned loose to pick out her own candy. I want this one! No this one! Wait, I changed my mind, that one looks good. But that one over there . . . . You get what I mean. Impossible.

    Hate losing s. Cannell. He was brilliant.

    Thank you, sfcatty, I enjoyed this!

  3. OMG I LOVED 21 Jump Street! I remember just waiting all week to watch that. Silk Stalkings was good too. 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear it. Just saw him on Castle playing poker. Remember him at the end of his shows typing then pulling the page out of the typewriter and throwing it? RitaVF

  5. Loved Rockford. Watched Am. Hero. Didn’t miss ‘A Team’ (with my son). Saw every episode of Silk Stalkings. That female cop was majorly hot.
    I never could get over the lighting in that police station, however. What were they thinking?

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