Memphis Cemetery; A Most Haunting Beauty

This past weekend I went to three paranormal investigations in the north Mississippi/Memphis area. Two were at cemeteries, one of which will remain an “undisclosed location” until superiors render a decision. The other was Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the most beautiful properties I’ve have ever had the honor of visiting. Graves date from the previous day of our visit, to pre-Civil War. Elmwood contains some of the finest examples of stonework  I’ve ever seen.  If you should ever have the opportunity to go there, please do so. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.  Be sure to allow ample time to wander, because it is so easy to lose track of time while there. The third. at a private residence, was extremely active! I’ll share some of the details at the GCCRWA meeting tomorrow!

If we could all live so selflessly, what a world we could attain.

Welcome to Elmwood Cemetery, final resting place to those who passed unto death after long, fruitful lives; and those whose lives ended too soon, yet were glorious in their brief allotment of time.

The statuary of Elmwood is an example of artisans of the era, something rarely found today. The patina of time seems to have rendered him a 'dark' angel.

100+ years, yet the craftsmanship remains undeniable.

To walk through the property is to walk back in time; yet time makes its presence known, as demonstrated by this tombstone from the 1800's being slowly devoured by an adjacent tree.

An example of intricate stonework on the property.

Family plots have elaborately carved tombstones and borders.

As promised--photo at undisclosed cemetery just prior to asking for sign of a presence.

Second photo showing . . . You know what? I think I'll just let you decide for yourself! Happy Ghost Hunting!


5 Responses

  1. I’ve never had the nerve to go to a cemetery after dark. I have a fascination with ghost hunting, but fear I’d be the “investigator” running away from the phenomenom instead of towards it. *cough*

    What I always find interesting about cemeteries in other parts of the world is that the graves are below ground. When I was a child, I figured everyone buried their dead in vaults like we do down here.

    You’ve made me curious now. I might have to join up with a ghost hunting group one day. Just not…um, too soon. lol

  2. You know, I love going to cemetaries. For some reason they don’t bother me in the least. And you all know how big of a chicken I am!

    • Cemeteries are usually quiet, with the rare exception. Blessed ground is peaceful. You would love this one, Sayde. I’ve never seen statuary and stonework quite like here. Awe inspiring!

  3. Lovely post. Great pictures. The final words of that 28 year old soldier were very moving- I presume he was in WWI?

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