Ecstatic Over Contest News!

Just a quick addition. I’m stunned and so happy I feel like dancing! I was notified I finaled in All Romance’s Just One Bite short story contest! And of course I just had to share it with y’all.

I’m asking visitors who’ve enjoyed our blog to please go to the site, register (it’s free!) and vote for my short story WOLF IN THE NIGHT in this first round of eliminations. Voting ends midnight October 7, 2010.

I guarantee you won’t find anyone more appreciative for your help, but vote true to your heart. (Anything else wouldn’t be fair!)

The contest web address (after you’ve registered at is

Again, it’s WOLF IN THE NIGHT by Runere McLain.

Thank You! Gotta go ‘happy dance’ now! And yes, the cats keep looking at me strange! lol



2 Responses

  1. Thrilled for you, Runere. If you win, what happens next?

    • On to the next round. It’s an elimination series. Have my fingers crossed. Had to quit with the toes. It made me walk funny! lol

      Appreciate all the emails and phone calls! Means a lot! And everyone who is voting— Thank you!

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