Wetsday and Coffee

I’ve been thinking a lot about handsome cads this week. As I told you in my last post, my new WIP is about a girl who thinks she’s found her Mr. Darcy, only to find out he’s a Daniel Cleaver. So our guest this week is not only one of the all-time great Austen bad boys, but also one who was dripping wet the first time we saw him in Sense and Sensibility.

Our dear Greg Wise, in real life, appears not to be a cad at all. He’s actually been happily married to one of our favorite actresses, dearest Emma Thompson, since they met on the set of Sense and Sensibility.

And, as if there were not enough reasons for me to want to live in England, while poking around the internet doing my wet men research, I found Greg on what has to be the greatest website ever made. Only an English coffee company would appeal to the female market by making ads of gorgeous men reading classic romance literature. Beats the heck out of “good to the last drop” as a gimmick in my book! Here’s the address where you will find Greg, our lovely Mr.Willoughby, reading from Dear Jane’s Persuasion. It would only be better if he was reading it to me in a hot tub!!!



2 Responses

  1. AHHHH- One of me favorite blokes! (read with a cockney accent, please)

  2. Liked the post and visited the website! Don’t know how you find ’em, Ro’mama– but so glad you do!

    Coffee anyone? Sigh

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