Badurday- September 25, 2010- Eddie Fisher

To mourn the passing of a great singer and real life bad boy, I decided to choose Eddie Fisher for this week’s post.  He was a great singer and was very popular as a young man. I wasn’t born when he left his wife, Debbie Reynolds  and child, Carrie Fisher, for Liz Taylor. It’s my understanding that he went to Liz’s side to comfort her after the death of her husband, Michael Todd, in a plane crash. We have to wonder at his special brand of comforting, don’t we? 

I know Debbie was America’s sweetheart at the time. She was such a young person when she hit the world stage, the public must have really been irate at Eddie’s treatment of her and his small child.  Liz, I believe, was always a femme fatale and I can see her taking the brunt of the blame for the whole episode. I did read a biography of her long ago and as I recall, Michael Todd was the great love of her life – pre Richard Burton, of course.  But it makes me wonder what would have been her history had Todd lived? Would she have still been a serial  marry-ier? (yes, I made up that word) or would she have had a fifty year marriage to Michael Todd? And what would have been the effect of Burton on her when she met him if Michael was still alive? That’s a lot of supposition, there, I know.

Another sad part of the story is that Liz ended up dumping Eddie pretty quickly once she met Richard Burton. So, he threw away his family for nothing.  Or maybe not. Maybe he had five years of awesome sex with the femme fatale. We’ll never know, will we?

And because my friend, Jeff, had a comment about us women drooling over men last week, here’s his dream girl for his own ogling:

Scarlett Johansson

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  1. I’m so happy you thought about Jeff! Hope he tunes in today to partake of our gender equality! lol He seemed to take our teasing in stride, so I’m sure he’s a fun fellow! Wouldn’t mind hearing from him more often!

    Hated losing Eddie. He was such an icon of his era (other than the Debbie Reynolds issue) with his singing and acting.

  2. Runere- he is a great, fun guy. And very interesting to discuss things with. I hope he sees Scarlett, too. I think you’d like him as much as I do.

    I hated losing Eddie, too. Hope the Memphis trip is going well- it is this weekend, right?

  3. I’ve thought a lot about Carrie since hearing of Eddie’s passing. Hope this doesn’t take her back ro rhe edge. Isn’t Jolie Fisher who was on Ellen’s sitcom his other daughter?

    Interesting ponderings on Liz. She has had a fascinating life

  4. Oh my! My toes are curling and my goosebumps have goosebumps. Scarlett J. just SENDS me around the corner … and back again (whatever that means).
    Thanks for remembering to ‘equalize’ the cheesecake exposure!
    Now, that said, this is not the best pix of Scarlett ever taken. But since she has such outstanding natural attributes, it’s difficult to be too choosy about the pix selection. Ha.
    Now, to your post: I was never a fan of Eddie F., but loved Debbie Reynolds — in a vastly different way than I adore Scarlett J, by the way. I thought Liz T. was lovely to look at, but I never ‘liked’ her. [interesting]
    Eddie also married Connie Stevens, who was lucious, but not terribly talented in my opinion.
    I saw a quote, from Eddie himself, which said, basically, he ruined his career — as well as his marriage to Debbie R. — when he took the tumble with Liz. One of the networks had a brand new show just about to be launched: the Eddie Fisher show. Nope … cancelled after the scandal hit.

    • Jeff- there was actually a better pic of Scarlett that I saved to my computer and decided not to post. Our only rule on the blog is no full frontal on men. Now, we’ve not discussed it on women so I was loath to post what was almost full frontal on her. (yes. almost) – didn’t want to get in trouble with my mates. Not that they scare me! LOL!

      Agreed about Eddie. Bet he really did lose a lot over the whole thing. Agreed about liking Debbie in a diff way than Scarlett- even though I am not a man, I totally get where you’re coming from there.

      Glad you came back to see us and I’ll email you that pic of Scarlett!

  5. Alas, but puberty can also be decidedly UN-kind to the male gender. In Air Force basic training for six weeks in early 1971, our morning ritual — after reveille — was about 15 mins. to “SH*T, SHOWER, & SHAVE” — & dress — for nearly 60 recruits in my flight. This was a group shower room with perhaps ten streams of water and guys rushing in and rushing out. Not a pretty sight at all.
    [well there was one such shower room per floor of that two-story barracks … so there were around 30 guys competing for those ten shower water streams]
    Let’s see, I forgot my point. Oh, yeah. Puberty was NOT kind to lots of those guys. Ha.

    • LOL! They also punished some military recruits by making them wear the glasses we always called “birth control” glasses cause no girl would sleep with a guy that wore those awful military issue heavy rimmed black glasses. Imagine my surprise when the young men of these days CHOSE such glasses- they thought they were cool! LOL!

  6. My first pair of military glasses were the gray horn-rimmed glasses which preceded the black ones you mentioned.
    I still like the ‘aviator’ style military glasses.

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