My Inbox at 10:20pm

Hello everyone! Today I had planned on talking about finding my muse. The heifer had left  me for a while but all of a sudden she came back and I wrote 7k yesterday. I only lack two chapters before my novella is finished and ready for me to begin layering it and editing. I’m so excited about this because I’ve seriously struggled with this story. Nothing has been right but now I’m pretty happy.

And last night as I was trying to decide on whether to turn my computer off for the night or write some more I got a surprise! My second novella with The Wild Rose Press and their Scarlett Rose line was contracted a few months ago. I turned in my FINAL edits about two weeks ago and I’ve been waiting patiently for my release date and my cover. With RIDING DOUBLE I actually got my cover within weeks of the contract so I’ve been wondering where oh where is my new cover. Rebecca Zanetti(you know my critique partner) and I were emailing back and forth the other day and she even asked me where the heck is that cover?

 I was getting worried. I mean here I am, done with ALL my edits and still don’t have a release date or a cover.  Just as I was getting anxious I got a very nice email last night at 10:20 pm. Wanna see what was in my inbox? Oh come on you know you do! Just say yes cause I’m gonna show you anyway!!

Isn’t it just pretty!! I’m so thrilled to share this for the first time ever here with you all.

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  1. Dang, Sayde! Please tell me they give the authors contact info on the cover models!!!
    Coincidence — I was looking thru the ebooks on my new nook and read Riding Double again this week. <> I had forgotten how good it is! Can’t wait for The Harder they Buck (gotta be careful of typos on that title!!!)

    • Wow, thanks Romoma!! You’re too sweet! I hope THTB is just as well received out there. But if nothing else, people should really like the cover! And no, I have not received his digits.

  2. Jiminey cricket!!! LOVE IT!! Cover gods were blessing you, baby!

  3. I even like the title font- after I got done looking at the abs, I noticed it! LOL!

  4. Oh. My. *fans herself* Honestly, you knocked the thoughts right out of my head with that! lol

  5. Wait! I was supposed to say something! I really think I was supposed to say something! lol

    What was it? *Closing eyes so she can concentrate* Oh! Yeah!

    Love the cover, Cowgirl! Still need the release date though. Can’t wait! Did I mention I love the cover?

    • I know right! I just stared for awhile at my computer last night before I finally decided I had to just turn it off 🙂

      Just heard word that this book will be released 10/22/2010! YAY!!

  6. Mouth watering yummy!!!!!! Congrats sister girlie

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