Badurday- September 18, 2010- AidEn Vs. AidAn Turner

So, I planned a special Being Human edition of Badurday for this weekend as  tonight is the season finale. I love, love, love this show.  John Mitchell is a vampire and he is trying so hard to kick the blood habit. He lives with a werewolf and a ghost and all three are trying to live as humans. Aiden Turner plays Mitchell and he’s an excellent actor as evidenced by how different his persona is on the show versus the snippets of actor  interviews they show during commercials.  He’s all broody and moody as Mitchell and seems like a fun loving guy for real. This show is on BBC America but I hear they are gonna do an American version (shock, shock- all our shows seem to come through Britain first).  Anway this guy is Irish and very compelling.

When I looked for pictures of him, imagine my surprise to find there is an American soap opera actor with a very similar name- One is Aiden Turner with an “e” and the other is Aidan with an “a.”

I have no idea if the Aiden with an “e” is bad or not but he’s a fine speciman of a man just like the vampire, Aidan with an “a.”  I’ll let you sample a bit of both boys anyway. Enjoy!

17 Responses

  1. I luuurve Being Human! Think it’s the combination of cast and content.

    *contented sigh* Say wha-? Oh! Yes! Bad Boy pics! Commenting! lol Think you can tell I like them!

    Great post, sfcatty, quite visually stimulating! Makes we want to write something! (And isn’t that the point of all this??)

  2. Never seen that show.
    I’m glad the guy in the tub still had sufficient bubbles remaining.
    Though I suppose some other readers might be disappointed.

  3. Whoa. I like them both. I do have to tell while I’m her and in case I forget when I see you again, I watched Tristan & Isolde in the wee hours and quite enjoyed your Brits. Mark Strong was bad and Rufus Sewell who I believe you’ve had on here played a nice guy (a bit of change for him from what I recall) Loved it even with the ending.

  4. Hey, wait, no fair!!! I get the wet guys!!! Well, since I do some bad boys when they are wet, I’ll let you have the wet boys when they are bad. Or vice versa. Either way, I am loving the bathtub shot!!!!

  5. Sheesh. If it was an attractive young female in that tub and i began verbally drooling, I think someone would cry foul.
    Or would y’all be understanding?

    • Na. We’d totally understand, Jeff. We are all about equal opportunity- we just are a blog of women that like men but we’re all in favor of men that like women, too! Yep, that’s us!

      • I second her words, Jeff! They take pics like that TO be drooled ov–I mean admired for their aesthetic value. (Where’d my napkin go?)

        Visit with us often enough and I think you’ll learn to like us! We love the company!

  6. Ha. Okay, fair enough. When y’all post a pix of Scarlett Johansen, I’ll drool right along side you.

  7. I’m more of an AidAN than an AidEN girl…the Oirish Aidan Turner has the worlds most finger-run-throughable hair and eyes that could melt glaciers. *thud*

  8. Aiden (sp? -Being Human one) is hot. The other guy… his head puts me off :/ not to mention the arm pit hair, ugh! lol the one with the longer hair.. ok, ill call him Mitchelle from his charecter ;P but his face says more “i love you and I care and Im sensative” where as, the other hairy guy says “you wanna f*** me and you know it” him and kesha would be a good match lmao

  9. With an “e” or and “a” …they are both beautiful!

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