Wetsday: All Grown Up

Today’s guest is a surprising choice in some ways. The first time I saw this gentleman, I wanted to adopt him. Of course, he was only eleven. But he was just such a cute little guy in his movies, and so charming when I saw him in real-life settings like interviews and so forth. As he got older, he started being more of a Tiger Beat poster boy, and his picture was up on the wall in my daughters’ rooms from time to time.
But if y’all haven’t noticed, that cute little Harry Potter has grown up into quite an attractive young man. He appeared in the very adult-content play Equus on Broadway, and got quite a bit of publicity for being, shall we say, “well-equipped” for the role.
Now, this is a family-friendly blog, so I am keeping the content PG, but for those of you with naughty minds (you know who you are), just go to google images and enter “Daniel Radcliffe Equus” and see what you find! I was working on this post at a coffee shop and I got scared someone would call the cops on me!
I just saw the first trailer for the seventh Harry Potter movie, and I am just as excited as I can be that it will be out soon – though I don’t want to think about the fact that the series will be ending. But to celebrate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, here’s our boy Dan!

6 Responses

  1. How they do grow up!! RitaVF

  2. Of course, if they keep growing up like that, maybe getting older isn’t such a bad deal for us after all!

    Glad to “see” he’s expanding his roles. And I thank you, Ro’mama, for being such a consistent supplier of the nice wet stuff! lol

    On a serious note, it is rather sad the Harry Potter series is ending. I just hope he’s able to segue into future roles. Would love to see more of him the the future.

  3. Like I said, if you want to “see more” of Daniel, google for pictures from Equus!!!

  4. I am shocked and appalled. You are a bunch of dirty old ladies lusting openly over a piece of barely legal meat. Shame shame shame shame shame. And I thought I knew you….gasp gasp I am shaking my head here.

    Um okay who’s up for the midnight showing in November?

    • Emjai- you should rent the movie with Richard Burton and Peter Firth from 1977. I saw it many years ago and knew I’d want to see the play- Daniel Radcliffe or not- it is quite a compelling story. Tragic, really.

  5. I was lucky enough to have box seats for one of his performances of Equus on Broadway. He was stellar. And I had a great view. He is coming back next spring, I believe, in another Broadway show. I DID know what it was but I forgot. Old age, you know.

    He will definitely move on to bigger and better roles. He’s quite good. I was very pleased with his performance in Equus. And Richard Griffiths (who plays Uncle Dursley in HP) was in it as well as the psychiatrist. They were excellent together. Just primo.

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