Badurday-September 11, 2010

Since it is Sept 11, I picked a new York boy as our Bad boy of the day. Ok, this guy isn’t really bad but I like him and it’s my day to blog so I’ll do what I want.  He did play Mr. Wrong in 27 Dresses.  The man that the leading lady thought she wanted and heck, why not? He’s attractive and is tall (two things that I like anyway)- and check out the forearm in the last pic- I’m a sucker for a nice ulna!   Too bad he was all wrong for the girl in 27 Dresses, but the hero was great, too.

Our bad boy was also in The Holiday as Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend that cheated on her (ok, so that does make him bad  in my book)-

As a betrayal to bad boys everywhere, he will soon be in a movie with the name Nice Guy Johnny. Really. That’s the name of it. Wonder how good that will be.

He is married to the beautiful Christy Turlington so we know he’d have zero interest in short, stubby me- but that’s ok- I like him anyway.

Without further ado, I give you Mr. Edward Burns:


4 Responses

  1. Taking a break setting up ghosthunting sessions. Finally found wifi!! THEN I had to wipe drool off the screen when I saw the pictures! But I’m finally in control enough to say I like your choice, sfcatty!

    (And that’s a forearm double whammy, woman, top pic and bottom!) lol

    • Glad you liked him Runere. I added the top pic after I wrote the post so yep, agreed about double ulnae. I think I heard somewhere that you are a forearm woman, too. Right?

  2. Sucker for a nice ulna???? Really ladies???

    Romance writing at its best! Great pics though.

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