I’m Going to Disney World!

It has been a wild month for the Sizzle Chix! All our fabulous guests, SFCatty taking the publishing world by storm, Sayde Grace continuing to rock the western romance! You better keep reading the blog, cause there’s no telling what will happen next!
And you all know the line of commericals Disney does, where after winning some championship or award or other mega-achievement, the celebrity says the only thing that could be better: “I’m Going to Disneyworld!”
Well, that is Romancemama’s shout this morning. While the rest of you toil away at the writing or the dayjob on Friday, I shall be hobbing and nobbing with the Disney princesses. Or actually, I’m hoping to meet the villainesses — I have a lot more in common with Maleficent and Ursula, if you know what I mean.
And while my children think that I am going to Mouseketeer Central because of their church youth trip, the fact is that I will be celebrating one of the most important days of the Ro’mama year.
Yes, it is that time again — September 10!!!
And why, you may ask, is Septemeber 10 a red-letter day? Children, it is no less than the birthday of Mr. Darcy himself, the man I would leave my husband for (ok, not really, but I would consider it!) — Colin Firth is 50 on Friday!
So here is a little video — some of you may have seen it before. As you can imagine, it is high on my list of favorite movies — right behind P&P95, both Bridget Joneses, Girl with a Pearl Earring … well, you get where I’m going with this.
So on Friday, September 10, don’t forget to lift a cup of fair trade coffee and have a scone in honor of Our Dear Boy!!!

Ok, so he’s not wet in most of these pictures, and this is Wetsday, after all. You want wet, just freeze frame P&P95 as he gets out of the pond — that translucent white shirt, that tall, wet body …

3 Responses

  1. Nom nom, I do like me some Colin…not as much as you, Ro’Mama, but enough to make that video a great way to wake up. Niiiiice

  2. And just where in the Disney Kingdom will you be hanging out on the 10th, Ro’mama? At the castle proper to absorb architectural detail and infuse your senses with royal splendor you can later transfer to your stories?

    Hope you have a wonderful day on the 10th–and who knows? Maybe Mr. Darcey is of the Disney inclination and will meet you there! Hey, we’re writers! To us anything is in the realm of possibility!

  3. Nice one- of course, you know I’m a fan of the man. Have a great trip

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