Badurday- September 4, 2010- Andrew Divoff

Ok, you may ask, who the heck is Andrew Divoff, SFCatty/Jillian? Well, let me tell you who he is.  He’s one of the meanest hombres around- in movie/tv land that is.  He’s an actor from Venezuela and I rediscovered him recently as I watched a movie from 1991, Toy Soldiers.  He plays a terrorist that takes over a prep school and he is wicked bad in it. There are a lot of scenes with young men in underwear in this movie for some reason. 

 Anyway, on to Andrew and his roles.  He was in Another 48 Hours as one of the bad guys. He played in an episode of Burn Notice as a Russian named Ivan and, speaking of Russians, he was also one in The Hunt for Red October and Air Force One.  He was one in a couple of episodes of The Scarecrow and Mrs. King (remember that cool show?) and one in a MacGyver episode among a plethora of other shows.  What’s up with the Russian thing and him?  I guess a man has to work, huh? 

Check him out on  He has a lot of work under his belt and he plays bad, very, very,  well.  Enjoy!  Yes, these aren’t very sexy pictures but what can I say,  I thought after one month with no bad boy, you all might enjoy a gritty, tough man!  


6 Responses

  1. OMG, that’s Mikhail from LOST. That has to be the show with the highest male hotness quotient in the history of television. He was such a wonderful bad guy — or maybe he was a good guy. With LOST, who could tell. But there were plenty of hot sweaty men who ripped off their shirts and went swimming frequently, so who cared?

  2. Nice choice, sfcatty. Proof that age is no barrier to hot. RitaVF

  3. Sorry I’m chiming in late– I left the house for GCC meeting before you posted and didn’t get back home til a little after one this morning.

    Mr. Divoff certainly carries a very primitive and gut-level, indefinable “IT” appeal! Thanks for this rugged piece of manliness!

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