Sneaking in here

We’re supposed to be back to our regular schedule but since Wetsday is late coming in, I thought I’d sneak in a post – a little YAY ME post to tide you over til Ro’Ma posts the man of the day. 

Great news:  I got an offer (that I accepted) yesterday to have my story called Solo Honeymoon published as an ebook by Siren Book Strand.  I’m still on cloud nine about it. I feel like Sally Field when she said “you like me, you really like  me” – some acquisitions editor I’ve never met liked my story and that’s all right by me!

AND, oh yea, how could I forget-  My story One Night in Costa Rica came out today in this new e-magazine.   I was a dolt and didn’t realize they used Bear Grylls from Man v. Wild as the model for my hero til my beta reader pointed that out to me.  DUH (smacks forehead here).

14 Responses

  1. And it can only get better! Congrats again, lady!!

  2. I have to say it again too, WAY TO GO. It was just bound to happen it just had to land in the right e-mail box. This is just the beginning of great things to come.

  3. Love that you’ve acquired a contract for a full MS! Told you it was just a matter of time! And I LOVE it when I’m proven right! giggle

    Congratulations, sfcatty! Or rather Madame Author Jillian Chantal! You deserve it!

  4. Congrats!! Doing a happy dance for you, sfcatty. THis has been YOUR week., for sure. RitaVF

  5. I had tried to get something together, but alas, dayjob and DDs interfered. Besides, this is such good news it needed to take center stage.
    Wet boys will resume next Weds.

  6. Congratulations! And let me just say Bear Grylls is awesome. Will be sure to check out the e-zine and definitely keep everyone up to date when your work will be available through Siren Book Strand!

    • Thanks Kimberly. I’m sure I won’t be able to shut up when the book comes out! LOL! Hope you like the story in the e-zine. It was fun to write.

  7. Hey – CONGRATS, lady! I’m so happy for you!!! 🙂

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