What Do Sex, Drugs & God Have in Common?

Hello all! Well due to a few technical errors on my part the interview that was scheduled today is not going to happen. Instead today I’m asking for advice. You see at an event during the 2010 RWA Nationals a very famous and well written author commented that it took balls to write sex and that if you didn’t have them you should be writing inspirational stories. I must say I took a little offense to this statement. I don’t think just anyone can write sex scenes well and it does take a bit of nerves to do so but I believe that in todays time it takes a larger set of balls to write inspirational than anything else. I know that sounds crude but it’s the truth. Most people who know me know that when I believe in something I am a die hard supporter. So after hearing this famous author speak I set out to prove that sex was not the only subject that needed a set of balls to write about!

Now, a month later I’m finishing up a few projects that I have and looking to start my own inspirational novel. For a year or so I’ve been toying with an idea in my mind that is perfect for an inspirational novel. This past week I tweeted asking for people to post inspirational publishers on twitter. There weren’t many who responded but I did get a few to look into thanks to SFCATTY! Also while I was researching the publishers and guidelines I realized that my story has a few elements that aren’t allowed. As I was tweeting this an editor popped up and asked why I even wanted to write an inspirational novel when it sounded like I wasn’t into what the genre stood for.

Let me just say I was stunned. I mean why did I want to write something so different from my normal style? The truth? I don’t know. I just know that the story in my head does not want to be told as an erotic romance, romantic suspense, or even sweet romance. So over the weekend I did some more research to find out if my novel could contain sex, drugs and God. I’m still not sure that it can have one of the items but let me explain why I need these items in my book:

Life is full of mistakes, most are made in our youth but the consequences can sometimes follow us through life. In this instance my heroine loved her childhood friend who she team roped with throughout school. When they went off for college the hero went down a path that the heroine couldn’t follow. You see he began drinking, using meth, and partying all the time. The heroine begged him to stop but he wouldn’t listen and when she found out she was carrying his child he turned his back on her. With no hope of the hero returning to the man she loved she went home to have her baby and raise him.

 Over the years she and the hero’s family came to terms with custody arrangements but the hero stayed on his wayward path. Yet, she became a homicide detective giving her life to the law and the lord. But her previous life comes back to haunt her when she’s called to investigate a double homicide, the hero’s wife and an unidentified dead male. The hero is now the main suspect and to find him the heroine must come to terms with old hurts, new passions, her faith and the man she loved, still loves.

So you see sex, drugs, and God do have something in common. Sometimes they can split relationships and in some cases bring relationships back. But I’m still unsure of whether the content in my book is acceptable for inspirational publishers or if this book will be the one that has no home anywhere. So today if you were faced with the decision on whether to keep writing a book you know may very well never find a home, would you?

And just in case anyone wanted to know what my hero looks like here ya go:) :

Ok so this is an old timey photo but I loved the television series Comanche Moon and this was Karl Urban playing one of my all time favorite  hero’s, Woodrow F. Call who is also a lot like the hero in this book.

8 Responses

  1. Yes. Def write the book of your heart even if you think it won’t find a home. Remember mine that I HAD to write? The one set in 1920? I wrote it anyway even though I was told it would never sell. It hasn’t sold yet but it has interest now in two places and I’m working on rewrites for it. One editor told me she didn’t want to reject it and asked for some specific things to be included.

    So, like we always hear, it’s all about the story- if you write what’s in your heart, it’ll be great and find a home. I’m convinced of that. So, go for it, my friend! AND worse case scenario, you’ll have a story your grandma can read!

  2. I say go for it. The whole purpose of writing is to push ourselves to delve deeper and deeper into what makes us human, right? I’d think that this is a definite inspirational because you’re taking someone from one path and tryinig to lead them to another. Not everyone starts out with spiritually whole. Some people need to take that rocky path to believe in the divine.

    So kudos to you! Write!

  3. I agree with the ladies…go for it! Even if it doesn’t sell “now”, that doesn’t mean it won’t sell at some point. But if you don’t get it out of your heart and head, it will haunt you the same way my bi-polar, germaphobic vampire haunts me!

    Besides, you never know what other doors this could open up in your creative psyche.

    Good luck with it! :o)

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  5. Well, Cowgirl. I have enough faith in you to tell you find a new pen name for your inspirationals.

    Too many people try to do their own interpretation of Biblical mores and totally mess it up. There was a king who sent a soldier on a suicide mission to get his hands on the soldier’s wife. (He survived and the red-headed King’s life got really interesting! Consequences, consequences.) Their were two daughters who bore children by their own father. (Deliberately.) There is even the admonition it is better to spill your seed in the belly of a whore than spill it on the ground. (Sorry, Mom. It wasn’t me who said it!) It doesn’t just preach that children need to listen to parents; it also instructs ‘parents, provoke not your children to wrath’. None of these things is intentionally crude; they’re Biblical, every one.

    It’s written that way so we know what God’s followers have been through; and that we can come back from anything with the help of the Divine. Write your story, Cowgirl. It will find its place.

  6. One thing that I love about my friends is the continued support that you always give me. Thanks so much everyone and I’m actually going between this book and another ER(great combo right:) ) I’m hoping that this will be finished up before October deadline for the Golden Hearts because I sure do want to enter it in the contest. thanks again ladies!

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