The Sizzlers Welcome Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Ok, not like our recent guests. I mean, no, he didn’t do a personal interview with us. But I am quite sure that if he knew how much we luuurrrvve him, he would have. Somehow we managed to get ahead of ourselves with the posts, and we ended up this morning without a special guest.

But SFCatty pointed out that we have gotten a lot of hits when we run pix of Jonathan, and y’all know I am never against a little bit of British historical-epic actor eye candy. So sit back, get yourself a nice cold mojito, and enjoy one of our favorite videos:

6 Responses

  1. OOOH YEAH! AND he’s a bad boy, to boot!

  2. I have an idea! We can maintain the anniversary spirit by pretending he’s one of the cover models for Romance books! Dress him up like a three dimensional Ken doll; character costume the genre of your personal choice!

    You did gooood, Ro’mama! Reeeal good!

  3. YEAH – I’d take that Ken doll to places he’s never been with Barbie. Good plan, Runere- ‘

    This post was a collaborative effort, I found the video (thus the bad boy song) and Ro’ma found the photos. We work well together.

  4. YEs indeed he’s a baddddddd boy..

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