The Dynamite Cynthia Eden- The Deadly Fear Edition of Bad-urday

EDITED TO ADD: Elaine Campbell has won a copy of Deadly Fear.  Elaine, please contact Cynthia directly here:  to arrange to get your copy.  Congrats and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy her books and visit our blog.

SFCatty: Our guest today is my ghost hunting pal, Cynthia Eden, paranormal writer extraordinaire and now a romantic suspense writer as well.  Her first romantic suspense in a series was released recently: Deadly Fear.  She  is awesome and we have actually gotten a slew of our chapter members to agree to accompany us on our next ghost hunt in September- I’m sure we’ll both be blogging about that experience in the future.  Join her now as she discusses the work and the fun of being a full time writer.

Welcome Cynthia.


The Writing Life 

Happy Anniversary, Sizzlers!  Oh, how times flies when you are having fun.

And, as fate would have it…”fun” is exactly what I want to talk about today.

Writing is a job.  Let me just go ahead and get that out there. For me, writing isn’t a hobby, it isn’t just a passion—it’s a job.  I earn money for my writing, and I work every day to make sure that I’m meeting deadlines, and I’m doing my best to promote my books.


I also write because it’s fun for me. I’ve always wanted to write (okay, well, for as long as I can remember, anyway!), and when I sit at my computer and type up a story, I truly get lost in the characters and the world that I create. Sometimes, I look up and feel dazed and a bit confused as I try to adjust back to the real world.  And there are days when I talk about my characters (a lot!) to the extent that it seems my heroes and heroines are real people. (What do you mean, they’re not?!)

I think writing is so much fun for me because I truly love the stories that I write. I’m a long-time fan of paranormal romances. I read them for years before I sold my first paranormal book. I know the paranormal market, I love the monsters out there, and writing about them is a pleasure for me.

Recently, I decided to branch into romantic suspense. Why? Because I like it. As I was writing my paranormals, I noticed that suspense elements kept slipping into my stories. I discovered that I enjoyed my serial killers just as much as my vampires. So I wrote about them, too.

The point of my long ramble? Writing is work…but it should be *fun* too—and this means that authors out there shouldn’t write what they think will sell for them. They should write the stories that appeal to them the most. After all, it will be these stories that you’ll have to write, day in and day out…and do you really want to be writing historicals when you hate doing research on historical accuracy? Or do you want to be writing about vampires when the thought of anything supernatural gives you hives? 


Write what you love. Follow your heart with your stories and don’t write just what you think will be an easy sell (because, believe me, there is no easy sell in this business).  When you enjoy what you write, it shows.

So write and have fun.

(And if you have any writing advice you’d like to share, please, post away!) And I’ll draw for a free copy of DEADLY FEAR from the comments.

Cynthia Eden

I’LL BE SLAYING YOU—Available now from Kensington Brava

DEADLY FEAR—Available now from Grand Central Publishing (Forever)

SFCATTY: Thanks for being here, Cynthia and for the words of wisdom.  I’m not sure if the readers here recall, but we Sizzlers gave you our Mentor of the Year Award this year – we all appreciate the guidance you have so willingly given to us on our journeys to publication.  You truly are dynamite in our estimation!

34 Responses

  1. I love the fact you are so REAL, Cynthia! And I plan to torment you at the next meeting by asking you to sign my copy of I’LL BE SLAYING YOU—well, if I can pry it out of hubby’s hands long enough! He’s reading it now.

    Thanks for being there for the chapter, and for your enormous control. You know; the way you’re able to keep from rolling your eyes when we ask too many questions! Love your patience! I’ll keep adding to my collection as your books come out.

    Congratulations on the newest releases! You worked hard and it paid off!

    • Whoops–I put my response to your comment far below. Let me just do a little cutting and pasting here…

      Torment anytime, Runere! Anytime! 🙂 LOL, no one ever asks too many questions. I just wish I had more answers!
      And thank you!

  2. I have to say thank goodness for the day job to earn my living. Editing is hard work. I love writing that first draft and maybe when I get better at it the editing/polishing will be easier but for now it’s difficult and finding the time, and trying to achieve balance in what I have to do and what I want to do, write. My son hates it when I’m deep in a new story because he gets regular updates on what’s happening with my people. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on writing here. BTW, please leave me out of the drawing for the book. I had the amazing luck of winning not just one but two copies of Deadly Fear last week. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

    • Hi, Darlene! Thanks for stopping by! I have to confess…editing is my least favorite part of the process. I love writing that first draft, but editing always has me dragging my feet. It’s more fun when the story is fresh and new.
      Good luck with your writing!

  3. Hi, Sizzlers! Happy anniversary! Thanks for having me over!

    Torment anytime, Runere! Anytime! 🙂 LOL, no one ever asks too many questions. I just wish I had more answers!
    And thank you!

  4. Hey Cynthia- sorry I didn’t get here sooner- my phone line at home is down and thus, no internet- had to go to Starbucks to be sure this posted on time (SUCH a sacrifice- had to get a mocha frappe- the things I do for this blog…) Anyway, glad to have you here again. And I hope you keep on editing cause I’m ready for the next release!

  5. So true! It’s very apparent when an author writes something b/c she thinks it will sell. The story just doesn’t have that ‘heart’! Your books definitely have that special something and I’m so glad you’re writing RS now, my fave genre. Oh, don’t enter me in the contest b/c I have a copy 🙂

  6. Hi Cynthia,

    Popped over from your blog. Have to agree with the previous comment. Some genres are ‘the same old’ as authors are trying to put out a book they think will sell because the same format worked for others.

    I love to pick up a book that has something different in it, a different kind of hero or heroine. An amazing twist at the end.

    I think this happens too much in the ‘erotic’ genre, where sex is thrown in hap hazardly just to make it an erotic story.

    Anyways, great post and happy ghost hunting!!!

    in Germany

    • Hi, Valerie! Thanks so much for coming by! Oh, I love to find a book with that something different inside, too! I’ve got quite a few books in my TBR pile, and I am hoping they provide me with that *different* element when I read them! Have a great day!

  7. Hi Cynthia –
    I’m so glad you make it clear that what you do is a job. It’s also great that you have a job you love. Makes me happy because I love your work.
    I already have a copy of Deadly Fear so please don’t enter me in the contest. I just wanted you to know I respect you and am glad you’re putting the truth out there.

  8. Hi Cynthia,

    Great post! Write what you love is good advice that we need to be reminded of frequently. 🙂 Love your books!


  9. Now, you’ve won my attention. Forgive me for not having read you before now – yet, I plan to very soon. I’m putting a request in at the library for, “I’ll Be Slaying You.”
    Please, oh please, enter me in the contest to win,”Deadly Fear.”
    Much appreciated. I’ve been looking for something “new” to read with a slightly different twist, I think I may have found it!

  10. Hi Cynthia! I loved this post and can totally relate. When I first starting writing I jumped on the Twilight train and wrote a YA – first my crit partner (yes, the amazing Sayde Grace) and then my agent said…”This isn’t a YA – bring it up to a full adult romance, you know you want to.”

    They were right. I had more fun writing the story for adults. 🙂

  11. Great post. Thanks. I, too, think writing should be FUN. It’s a lot of work, sure, but for me, I have to enjoy it as well.


    Thanks, Cynthia.

  12. I agree if a writer is writing what they think will sell and they don’t love it then it becomes very apparent to me as a reader anyway. You can tell wat a writer likes cause comes through in their writing.

  13. Great post, Cunthia. Love your paranormals. Look forward to reading Deadly Fear. Thanks for visiting the Sizzlers for our Anniversary Celebration.. You’re welcome anytime. RitaVF

  14. Hi Cynthia!

    About a month ago I picked up a book, which happened to be Eternal Hunter. Never put it down until I finished it. Needless to say, I kept buying the others (paranormal romance and the midnight trilogy) from your collection and I was hooked; my husband is certainly loving it too ;-). Now, I’m patiently (I try anyway) waiting for Zane’s story: Eternal Flame. I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE your stories and your style. I’m getting all of the other stories from your collection while I wait for Zane’s story. Just finished with Deadly Fear and it was awesome! Definitely, you are one of my favorite writers 🙂

    • Hi, Lucy! Thank you very much! I am so glad that you have been enjoying my stories. And, please–stay tuned, pretty soon I’ll be giving away ARCs of Zane’s story (Eternal Flame) on my blog.

      Again–thank you! And I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  15. Great post, Cynthia! I’m looking forward to reading Deadly Fear 🙂

  16. great interviews
    congrat on the books and great reviews

  17. Hi Cynthia!
    just came from your blog and really enjoyed reading your post here!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on your newest book and the next one is already preordered *gg* and a reader can notice if the author had fun writing the book and it’s so much more enjoyable to read then…
    wish you all the best, Melanie

  18. ELAINE CAMPBELL has won a copy of Deadly Fear. Please contact Cynthia through her website “contact” tab with your address.

  19. I won a copy of “Deadly Fear.” So very excited! I just went ahead and contacted Cynthia through her website. I’m so excited and grateful!

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