Hello from the Sizzlers

SFCatty:  Just checking in to say hi- hopefully, the others will too.  Hope you are all enjoying our month of guests. We just know you hate to miss your regularly scheduled posts from us (snort) but we’ll be back September1 to entertain you further.  The point of this post is to let you know there are more guests to come and we hope you’ll continue to check in. Don’t forget us come Sept 1 either.  We all continue on the journey and hope you’ll join us along the way.  Here’s hoping for a NY Times best seller someday!

New York Times Building

Rita VF checking in.  Thanks to all of our friends who posted and everyone who has dropped by to visit.    A guest list (pretty accurate) is posted on the Anniversary Celebration page.  We’ve had some eclectic posts and I’ve enjoyed each one.  There’s more to come.  Tomorrow (Monday), USA Today Best Seller and Rita winner and five-time Rita nominee Cathy Mann will share a heart-warming story with us and the next day (Tuesday) Emjai Colbert will discuss managing writing and children (she mentioned duct tape?)   To draw from their posts, I’m sharing a pic of my daughter and her shelter dog, Bruiser.  Later, RitaVF

Hey from Runere! I’ve certainly been enjoying our guest posts! Especially Dianna Love and *The Boys* from BAD Agency yesterday! Had to be one of the liveliest posts we’ve had.  And just think . . . there are even more guests to come. Y’all visit every day to celebrate our first year together with us. Okay, heading back to take care of hubby. He’s particularly pathetic when it comes to enforced inactivity. Already had to chase him back in from the yard once today! Quite an accomplishment for a man on crutches with a leg brace! lol Keep that Romance Sizzlin’!


2 Responses

  1. Rita – your daughter is beautiful! Cute dog, too

    Runere- keep that man inside! LOL!

  2. It’s been lots of fun celebrating your anniversary ladies. But I do miss all your regular features too. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with next.

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