Badurday- The Dianna Love/Anniversary Edition Featuring the BAD Agency Boys!

SFCatty:  Welcome to Badurday this week where we will be featuring some of the men from the BAD Agency created by Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon. One year ago today was the Hello World blog post from the Southern Sizzlers. Yes, August 14, 2009, was when Romancemama posted our first entry here. I think Badurday was established pretty soon thereafter. I hope you all have enjoyed reading these entries as much as we have enjoyed writing them.  I’m proud to be associated with these six other women. If you got us all in a room together, you might ask, “why the heck do these women even associate with each other?”  The answer is simple. Even though we are all very different, we love romance and happily ever after. 

AND we love Dianna Love.  She is a member of our beloved Gulf Coast Chapter of the RWA and when we decided to celebrate our anniversary all month, we knew we wanted this very special lady to be the guest blogger on this, our actual anniversary, day.  We are so proud to welcome her (and some of her BAD boys) to the blog today.  Welcome Dianna. We’re thrilled to have you with us today.


BAD boys, BAD boys…whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I don’t think your momma would say the correct response to that question would be to touch up your lipstick and check your hair.  J  I definitely love what I do – working with BAD boys every day – but that’s not to say it’s all roses and chocolate.  They can be as exasperating as they are sexy and dangerous. 

I’ve invited a couple of our favorite BAD agents – Carlos Delgado and Hunter Wesley Thornton-Payne III – from the Bureau of American Defense  to come by today and chat with you ladies. 

Dianna:  Carlos, tell us how you came to the BAD agency and what you like best about being an undercover operative.

Carlos:  You do not want to hear that story, carino

Dianna:  [eye roll] Don’t call me sweetheart if you want to live through another story… and stick to the question. 

Carlos:  [wicked smile]  Si, boss.  It was a time when life was not so good for me.  I had to stretch the law a bit to stay alive, but now I use those skills for Joe and Tee.  It’s good of me, no?  Some of us had to work for a living.  [he cuts a sardonic look at Hunter]

Hunter: [arms crossed, he glares at Carlos]  Don’t get caught calling Sherrilyn babe, sweetheart or hon either, if you don’t want your butt handed to you. 

Jeremy Sunn walks into the room: I’m the one with a story right now, not these two dweebs.

Dianna:  What are you doing here, Jeremy?  This isn’t your day to visit.  <sigh> 

Hunter:  Make another dweeb crack, Sunn, and you won’t have to worry about ever visiting.

Jeremy:  [he smiles at Hunter]  Feeling froggy?  Jump.

Dianna:  Cut it out you two…Jeremy!  What are you doing?  Get your hands off those women.

Jeremy:  Figured I could give them back rubs if I can’t talk to them, boss.  Those other two aren’t offering their services and these women look in bad need of good hands.  [he gifts the women with a rascal’s smile]

Dianna:  [wondering if this was such a good idea]

Hunter:  I’m giving back rubs to only one woman these days.  

Carlos:  [raises his hands in the air]  Me, too, amigo.

Jeremy:  Guess I’ll have to take care of all you ladies myself since I’m a generous kind of guy and I am available right now.

Dianna:  Not for long.  Your story is coming out September 28th and I think you’ll have your hands full with your new next door neighbor in JUST BAD ENOUGH. 

Jeremy:  [swings around, interest piqued] What new neighbor?  Female?

Dianna: If you went home to your place in Marietta, Georgia more often you might know what goes on in your neighborhood.

Jeremy:  Like I have a choice? You and Sherrilyn are the ones typing.

Dianna:  True.  [evil grin]  And it’s going to be fun…for us, anyhow. J

Carlos: [Picks up the advance copy of DEADLY PROMISES from the corner of Dianna’s desk]  So this is it?  Sunn’s story is in here?  [Ducks away when Hunter reaches for the book.] Get your own!

Dianna : [Holds out hand, palm up] Oh, no you don’t.  Hand it over.  You have to wait like everyone else.

Carlos:  Ah, come on.  Jeremy crashed our party with the ladies.  The least you can do is give us a sneak peek at his story.

Dianna:  [takes in Carlos and Hunter’s BAD boy grins and rolls her eyes]  Okay, I’ll let you read the back cover, and since I’m letting you guys see it, I guess everyone else can see it too. 

Hunter: [Grabs book from Carlos and flips it over to the back]

 LEAVE NO TRACE,  Black Ops Inc novella by NYT best-selling author Cindy Gerard.  When CIA  operative David ‘Cav’ Cavanaugh receives a distress call from his BOI buddy, Wyatt Savage, Cav doesn’t hesitate.  He goes off the grid and rushes to Myanmar in search of missing Humanitarian Aid worker Carrie Granger, who has been imprisoned as a slave laborer in the brutal Junta regime’s government-operated ruby mines.    

UNSTOPPABLE, a Tracers novella by RITA® award-winner Laura Griffin.  

Forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn goes to a remote Texas border region to dig up ancient bones, but ends up unearthing a deadly secret. When Kelsey’s discovery jeopardizes not just her dig, but her life, she turns to US Navy SEAL Gage Brewer, who may be the only person brave enough–and lethal enough–to help.

JUST BAD ENOUGH, a BAD Agency novella by NYT best selling authors Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love

BAD agent Jeremy Sunn stays away from his too-sweet-for-someone-like-him neighbor CeCe Caprice until she becomes a pawn in a deadly game of vengeance between organized crime lords.  When Jeremy steps between her and danger, he finds out CeCe isn’t as innocent as she appears. And CeCe realizes Jeremy is every bit as deadly as he looks.

Hunter:   Deadly?  Uh, boss, are you feeling okay?  You sure you don’t have Sunn mixed up with another agent? 

Carlos:  [looks over Hunter’s shoulder and lets out a long, low whistle] Not-so-innocent CeCe, eh?

Jeremy: [Glares at Carlos, then grabs the book from Hunter]  Hands off, both of you.  It’s MY story.  Hey boss, how about giving away a copy of Deadly Promises to one of the readers?

Carlos:  Hey, hey!  That one’s not even out until September 28th.  Give them a copy of Whispered Lies.

Jeremy:  Ever heard of early copies, amigo?  You know, like the one you’ve been ogling?

Hunter:  [muttering something about Carlos that isn’t nice]  Give away a copy of Silent Truth, too.

Dianna:  Okay, okay.  Stop posturing for the women.  We’ll give away three books – the winners can choose which one, including an early copy of Deadly Promises I should have in hand by the end of August.  Everyone happy with that?  [arches a don’t-even-think-about-arguing-further eyebrow at the three]

Carlos, Hunter and Jeremy grin.

Dianna:  [sigh…what was I thinking letting this bunch out of the writing cave?]  It’s your turn, ladies.  What makes a bad boy memorable to you?  What’s sexy about a bad boy beyond his hot looks – in your opinion?  What would be your favorite day off with a bad boy?  Or…feel free to ask the boys questions and I’ll do my best to keep them on track.

SFCATTY: These are the covers for this series and even though we didn’t discuss Phantom in the Night, I can attest it is excellent.  AND I don’t want it to go to Carlos’ head, but he’s my favorite!  Answer Dianna’s questions and win one of these awesome books. You’ll love them or I’ll take them off your hands.   

Thanks, Dianna, for making our day special and thank your capable assistant, Cassondra as well. She’s awesome- like her boss!


31 Responses

  1. I think what makes a bad boy memorable is the possibility the right gal can reform him enough to interact with society a bit, while making sure he retains all the bad boy goodness just for her.

  2. Hi Rebecca –

    I think you’re right. We never want him to lose what makes him stand out of the pack, but seeing him pulled into a world he can be a part of with the help of the right woman is special.

    thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Hi to everyone at Southern Sizzle Romance and my dear friends in the Gulf Coast RW chapter. Thank you for inviting me today! Congratulations on celebrating your first anniversary!!

    [Carlos leans over and whispers something] Yes, Carlos, they did invite all of us…

    Anyhow, I may regret it later, but I’m leaving the boys with you while I’m gone for a little while this morning, but I’ll be back this afternoon.

    Ok, guys – don’t forget who can change your future…the power of the keyboard. Behave, or as close as it comes to you three staying in line. What? Yes, that means, you, especially, Jeremy.

    I’ll be back. 🙂

  4. Thanks again for being here, Dianna.

    I think what is sexy about a bad boy is the way he treats the woman of his dreams. She touches the soft spot in him and he protects her at all costs and is gentle with her. I like that he can be tough to the world and soft with his “woman”

    Hey Carlos- you planning to head back to South America for more adventures or are you too settled down now?

  5. I think Bad boys are just more exciting. You never quite know what to expect and that’s so much more fun than the stable, predictable always know what to expect good boys. I mean the good boy is never going to hit the stop button on the glass elevator and ….. Sorry I digress. Great post. Lots and lots of fun. I know Sherrilyn is on my bookshelf somewhere. I’m going to find her now. Thanks for bringing the boys along.

  6. […] SFCatty:  Welcome to Badurday this week where we will be featuring some of the men from the BAD Agency created by Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon. One year ago today was the Hello World blog post from the Southern Sizzlers. Yes, August 14, 2009, was when Romancemama posted our first entry here. I think Badurday was established pretty soon thereafter. I hope you all have enjoyed reading these entries as much as we have enjoyed writing them.  I'm … Read More […]

  7. Hi Dianna, it was great seeing on the blog! You and Sherrilyn are certainly busy thesse days creating those great bad boys! Keep up the good work. We at GCC are proud to call you a fellow member.

  8. Well, my **ABSOLUTELY HAVE** TBR pile just grew! Love having you here, Dianna. Thanks for taking the time. Know you have to be glued to the keyboard with all the wonderful books flying out between you and Sherrilyn!

    And with a Bad Boy, it’s never just one thing for me. It’s always the uniqueness resulting from the combination of his past that shaped him, and of present characteristics. I like the surprises: Intelligent and serious, but able to have fun and indulge in a bit of deviltry. Kick-ass strong and takes no crap, but will stop to fix a toddler’s skinned knee or pick up an old woman’s groceries if the bag splits. Guess I like my Bad Boy to touch my heart in some way.

    Keep those BAD boys coming, ladies! You have a lot of love hungry women out here!

  9. Hey Sizzlers!

    Okay I’m gonna gloat a little. I’ve read Jeremy’s story and it ROCKS! (No, Jeremy, I’m not giving you any hints. Knowing your future might mess something up.)

    Honestly I’m not sure I can pick a favorite of the BAD agency guys. Plus, Dianna has let me in on a few hints about some upcoming stories, and they are awesome and swoon-worthy. So no way I could pick. I’m in love with all of them. Well…not Rae, cuz she’s a girl….And not Tee either….but y’all know what I mean.

    Jeremy, enjoy your time with the ladies, cuz your hands-on days are numbered my friend. Trust me, you won’t mind though. CeCe’s terrific.

  10. sfcatty –

    Ah – good point that the bad boy can be tough with the world yet soft with his woman. I like that.

    Hang on…I hear griping in the background…
    Jeremy pointed out that I did not leave them any way to post replies while I was out.

    Really? Hmm. 🙂

    In reply to asking Carlos about any more adventures in South America he said, “I would tell you, but then I’d have to hide because the boss’s would know one of us–” [he glances at Hunter who is ignoring him] “…hacked into the system and peeked at the new story.”

    [Dianna seriously considering sending someone off planet in the next book]

  11. Hi Darlene –

    LOL at – “…I mean the good boy is never going to hit the stop button on the glass elevator and ….. Sorry I digress.”

    How true!! Another reason to love them.

    [Dianna now being told by Jeremy that she and Sherri should include a glass elevator in the next story]

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  12. Hi Fran –
    [Dianna waving furiously at all my buds on the coast] I wish I was just a little closer so I could come down more often. I’m trying to loosen up my schedule for next year so…why are you rolling your eyes, Hunter?

    [He gives me a ‘be serious’ look about my schedule]

    Anyhow – I will get back down soon. thanks for coming by today.

  13. I think what makes a bad boy memorable is his tough and dangerous aura that draws you in and keeps you hooked. I also love how bad boys have a good heart, the ability to love and care for others despite their appearances. Thanks for the fantastic interview and giveaway!

  14. Hi Runere –

    Your one line says it all – “Guess I like my Bad Boy to touch my heart in some way.”

    People unfamiliar with romance and the bad boy alpha think women love them because of being with one is such a risk for a woman. That’s way too simply.

    The attraction of a BAD boy is in the way they affect us emotionally when we get a glimpse inside, past all that lethal edge. [Dianna looks across the room] Like now when I’m thinking about locking up one in particular.

    Hey, Jeremy! Back over here. Those women do not need their feet rubbed. I just want to know who told Jeremy he could come out today.

    Carlos and Hunter (together): Not us.

    Thanks for stopping by Runere.

  15. Hi Cassondra –

    A round of applause for ‘she who keeps me sane.’ Cassondra does have the tough job of being an early reader. She’s also an awesome up and coming romantic suspense/paranormal writer as well.

    Come back here, Jeremy. Do not hound her to find out what is in your future. You do not want to mess with her or her husband. Have you not noticed that they are both weapon advisors on our series? What? Yes, CeCe is hot.

    [Dianna tries to hide a smirk…that BAD boy has no idea what he’s in for]

    thanks for coming out to say hello Cassondra.

  16. I’m still making my way through SKs Dark Hunters. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these books!! Now I have some new goodness to add to my list. And I’m totally going to have the Bad Boys song stuck in my head today, lol.

  17. Beautifully and cleverly done, Dianna. A perfect post for our anniversary. Thanks to Cassondra, too. RitaVF

  18. HI Jeanette –

    Thanks for keeping an eye on those three while I had to step out for a minute. That is the great thing about BAD Boys – definitely a good heart.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Uh…Jeremy, step away from that group of women. Yes, I understand that you’re just being attentive. [Dianna rolls eyes]

  19. I’ve never dated any bad boys in person, so, for me, the allure is of the unknown. There’s just something about the taming of the wild beast. He’s still there for the rest of the world to see, but with the right woman he’s a pussy cat. Bad boys are just so much fun to read and dream about.

  20. Hi Katie –
    LOL – that backfired on me. I kept hearing it in my mind all day. Thanks for checking out the BAD series. Sherri and I have had a big time working on it.

    Thanks for visiting!

    [Dianna does a head count – There’s Carlos and Hunter being the gentlemen they are and…uh uh, there goes Jeremy again.]

  21. Hi Rita –

    Thanks for having me, and the boys. I see the party is really cranking up with cosmo martinis. The wild women down on the coast know how to celebrate an anniversary.

    [Dianna turns around to find Carlos tending bar for the ladies and Hunter is telling a war story from his last black ops mission and Jeremy is…giving back rubs. ]

  22. Hi Barbara –

    We have a celebrity visit from Barbara Vey of Publisher’s Weekly (Beyond Her Book blog). You said, “There’s just something about the taming of the wild beast.”

    Very true. You’ll have to stay and help keep an eye on the boys (you remember what happened at the last party they attended, right?) while I dash out to grab dinner and will be back soon.

    thanks for stopping in. 🙂

  23. This is great! Thanks a ton for letting us chat with the boys.

    My reason for being so drawn to the BADD Boys is similiar to Rebecca’s. I LOVE the idea of being ‘the one’ who could tame him.

    My idea of the perfect day off with a BADD Boy would be trying to keep up with him…. I mean, by trying an activity that he was interested in and trying to stay with him… I’d better stop. No matter how I word that, it just keeps going down that road…grin…

    Thanks for a fun post, Dianna! Can’t wait to read the new story.


  24. Hi Tami –

    Hahahaha…. I like the idea of trying to keep up with a one of these guys. I can see you doing it and give one a run for his money for sure. 🙂 That’s half the fun of writing their stories – showing them how well the women can hang with them and turn their world upside down. Thanks for stopping by and…

    [Dianna turns to address a sarcastic snort noise] Ohhh really, Hunter? Want me to tell a certain female you find the idea that any female can keep up with you funny? i didn’t think so. And don’t think I don’t know who hacked our computer – the wrong one, by the way. Yep, you didn’t read the current work in progress at all. You’ll have more than computer hacking to deal with in this next story.

    And you, Carlos, can stop laughing at Hunter unless you’d like to help Hunter in the next story? No, I’m not going to tell you what he has to do.

    Jeremy! Leave her leg alone and stop telling these women you’re a certified physical therapist. I can’t wait until CeCe gets a hold of you.

  25. Sizzlin ladies – I’m one of those really early morning risers and live on the east coast so I’m going to sign off for the night, but I’ll drop back by early tomorrow in case we had a few night owls.

    SFCatty – Thanks for the nice words about Phantom In The Night and I’m sure Carlos being your favorite will go to his head. [Dianna looks over at our Latin bartender] Oh, please, Carlos, don’t even try that modest look on me. I know better.

    Okay, boys, it’s time to pack up… cut out the growling and slanted looks. Okay, but when you two leave [Dianna points at Hunter and Carlos] make sure Jeremy’s with you or you won’t like what happens in the next book.

    Good night ladies!!

  26. Good morning –

    I had the boys [after they finally came dragging in at three this morning] each pull a name so here are the book winners:
    Runere, Katie and Rebecca.

    Please email your snail mail address to with which book you’d like (you can pick from any of the four shown in the blog) and I’ll sign & send it to you.

    Thanks again for coming out to celebrate the anniversary and to visit with us.

    Have a great weekend! Dianna

  27. Thank you, Dianna, from all of us for spending time with us and the wonderful books you’ve offered with your post! I can’t wait to add mine to my ‘Hands Off!’ shelf!

    Thank you again, and hope to see you in the future!

  28. Thank you so much, Dianna! Your blog was awesome! Sent you an email 🙂

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