Welcome Allison Knight, author of BATTLESONG

What a Gorgeous Cover!!!

Welcome Back, Allison! We’re so glad you could join us. The last time we talked was in February, and the August release of your new novel seemed like a long time away. But now it’s time for Battlesong to come out. Can you refresh our memories about the story?

Thanks, RomanceMama, for having me again. I love to talk about books and the digital market. Now, to your questions!
Battlesong is the story of Rhianna ap Brynn Frydd’s youngest brother, Arthur. She was the heroine of Heartsong. And yes, what a name! But the family happens to be Welsh so they had to have a Welsh name.

About Battlesong, without giving too much away, I can tell you Laren, a young woman from Scotland, is forced to marry Arthur. They don’t get along because he dumped her (literally) at the gate to his estate and went off to war. When he returns – years later- she’s taken over his keep, his people and he doesn’t like it. Battlesong is the story of two independent people who learn to live together and in the process, discover they love each other.

I will also tell you that this book is dedicated to my RWA chapter, Gulf Coast Chapter RWA.

When can we buy it, and where?

Battlesong is available from Champagnebooks.com or several other digital book sellers the first part of August, so it’s available now. It will be available in Kindle format before long.

What else is on your plate – more historicals, another Gothic, or something new?

I have a short Valentine story coming, of course, in February. I’m waiting now for the edits on that one.

As far as my writing goes, I’m trying to finish a plague story. Nope, the hero and heroine don’t get the plague, but this one takes place during the plague and the fire of London during the reign of Charles the second. I’m also working on the third of the ‘song’ books. The next one is “Windsong” and is about Rhianna’s second brother. I now have plans for one more (actually, my publisher told me there would be four total). That one is about the fourth brother and is called “Lovesong”. I also have this contemporary bugging me. I may get to that before the next year is out.

You have been involved with e-publishing for quite a while now – what words of wisdom do you have for authors trying to decide whether to go e-pub or traditional books?

I believe the first thing an author must decide is why they are writing. Do they write because they have to or because they have dreams of making a fortune. By the way, I don’t know too many authors who can live off their writing income. Oh, a few, yes, but not most, so you’ll often hear, don’t quit your day job. If you write because you have to write, want to get your name out there and to entertain people, you should consider e-books. But a word of caution. There are hundreds of publishers now, and unfortunately, some are not a good choice. I’d ask a awful lot of questions before I decided on a specific e-publisher. Editing, distribution, number of books, how many people in the business. Those are just a few of the questions that must be addressed. But be realistic. You are NOT going to become the next millionaire writing e-books.

As a veteran author and reader of e-books, what do you predict for the future?

The future is here now. In case you didn’t know, the Kindle is coming out with a version at $139.00. The Sony is available at $149.00 and the prices are dropping fast. People have discovered the e-market. We went to Wal Mart the other day and in the McDonald’s attached to the store a woman was eating breakfast and reading from her Kindle. Several of my senior friends now have readers or are planning to buy one this year. Why? Because e-books are so plentiful and easy to get over the net. And it’s instant. You see a book you want, you buy it, download it and can begin to read it in a matter of a few minutes. They’re also cheaper than paper books.

I’ve also been told that the major textbook publishers, college editions, are now coming out with a catalog of e-books. Again, why? Because every kid I know wants an I-Pad. And text books on an I-pad make a lot of sense. I sure wish I’d had something like that instead of the twenty five pounds of books I had to lug around from class to class.

I really enjoyed a post of yours a few months ago where you talked about being a plotter, writer’s block, and how authors need playtime. What’s your best advice for a writer who just can’t seem to get into the flow of a story?

Take time out, read a book, paint, plant (flowers or vegies), trim the shrubs, do some crafts, anything that will let your mind wander. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll want to get back to the keyboard. (At least it works for me)

Anything to add?

The cover for Battlesong is another winner. I love it. And again, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about my second love – writing romances. I really do enjoy a ‘happy-ever-after’ story. And second love, because my first is my wonderful husband of fifty happy years. A real ‘Happy-ever-after’ story! No wonder I write romance.

Thanks Allison! So, everyone, stop reading blogs and go on over to Champagne Books and download BATTLESONG! You are gonna love it!

5 Responses

  1. Great blog, Allison. Loved Heartsong. Will definitely buy Battlesong. Thanks for the dedication to GCCRWA. You accomplished so much for the chapter as our two-term President. Good luck with Battlesong. RIta VF

  2. Thanks for being here today and thanks for the dedication in the book as well as the dedication you have always shown to our chapter. We miss seeing you and hope for the best for you on this new release. I so enjoy your writing. Take care of you and that handsome husband.

  3. I have tears in my eyes, Allison. First from the dedication, but more from that loving tribute to your husband. Some men are romantic without realizing it. Looks like we both found men with beautiful hearts!

    Your epub information is so helpful. Thanks for sharing it with us. And thank you for the years you led — and grew — the chapter by example as well as all your hard work. Headed to order Battlesong right now!

  4. Great interview!

    I love your advice for writer’s block…mostly because it would give me the perfect excuse to read the mounds of books in my TBR pile *cough* Seriously though, I find reading does help my creative juices flow. That’s very good advice as far as I’m concerned.

  5. As always a great interview loaded with words of wisdom. Fabulous about your story coming out on Valentine’s Day.

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