Wetsday Smells Good, Too

Jealousy, envy, covetousness. All very good words for my mood this week, as many of you head off to see Mickey Mouse and spend three glorious days with people who know GMC is not a pickup truck, who can debate the merits of the clinch cover, who don’t consider stories about people living happily ever after in committed relationships to be literature’s red-headed stepchildren. Oh, yes, I am in the deep throes of RWA envy, and I better be getting lots of play-by-play tweets!
But I can still join in the festivities here at home. Several sites are having Not-at-the-Conference workshops, and I’ve picked out a couple that look good. If you, like me, are not lucky enough to be in Orlando, check out Savvy Authors — I’ll be in the chats for “The Language of Erotic Romance” and “Muse, Breathe, Focus, Achieve”.
And since I won’t get to see real, live, cover models in the very attractive flesh, I wanted to get someone really special for this week’s guest.
Now, this week’s guest is someone you either really love, or just can’t stand. Since I fall into the really-love camp and it is my post, those of you who don’t appreciate him can just come back next week.
I think he is absolutely gorgeous, with pec’s to die for and a sense of humor too. In the clip this week, he even occupies a hot tub. Just ask SFCatty how I feel about hot male eye candy in a hot tub — on second thought, I’m sure you know without asking!
To celebrate RWA week, here’s the man women want, and men want to be: The Old Spice Guy!!!


5 Responses

  1. I like him, too- very witty commercials. Good choice

  2. I love those Old Spice commercials! lol He just transitions from character setting to character setting so well! And he HAS to be a good actor on top of that, because he can do it with a straight face!

    Stuck home during Nationals, too, Ro’mama! So thanks for a bright beginning to the day! Wishing everyone there all the best!

  3. That is so cool!! Wish I were at Nationals. I won’t even be at the meeting to hear the report. DAMN!! RitaVF

  4. I LOVE the Old Spice guy!! You are missed, Ro’mama *sniff* Who else do I have to fight over Gerard Butler with? Wait…that’s a good thing. Cause he is mine! 😉

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