Badurday- July 24, 2010

I went to see the 2010 version of The A Team a few weeks ago.  I loved it and grinned like an idiot the whole time. It was so great- a suspension of reality and a romp.  Just like the old TV series.  I liked both of the bad boys in this film; Brian Bloom as Pike and Patrick Wilson as Lynch. I mean, really, was it fair for the makers of this movie to give us such handsome heroes and then turn around and give us hot bad guys, too?  Aah, yes.  The movie gods were blessing us girls with all the testosterone in this movie. 

Some of you may remember Patrick Wilson as Raoul i n the Phantom of the Opera movie in 2004 (you know I have to get in the pic of the guy in historical attire). You may have seen Brian Bloom on Oz– if not, search that under google images and get a nice view. 

 Two great bad boys for the week.  Enjoy.

Patrick as Raoul

Patrick Wilson

Brian Bloom

The shower's free

Forgot to add (how I could forget, I don’t know-LOL) – but the newest anthology in which I have a short story published came out this week.  The Anthology is called Free Range Fairy Tales and my story is called Rumpelstiltskin’s Quest.


4 Responses

  1. Great pictures. They are indeed Hot and were both excellent in the A-Team. Thanks for sharing some awesome pictures. Particularly like the towel shot, but you know I am a fan of the shirtless.

  2. I was really worried they’d mess up a good thing with a remake, but ended up loving it!

    Thanks for all the masculine loveliness to sigh over. lol I have a thing for forearms, and to get forearms and a peek of thigh in the same towel shot? *swoon*

  3. The ATEAM was a great movie.. I enjoyed it and great actors.. great pictures by the way..

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