300 & Wetsday

All week long, I have been like my old dog George. He was a great little dog, a miniature greyhound, and bless his heart, he wasn’t a genius. (Remember the Southern Girls’ creed: you can badmouth anybody, as long as you bless his heart when you do it.) Anyway, bless his heart, he was not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.
He had this weird habit — when he got excited about something, when he was happy, he would run around in circles like a wild circle-running thing. One time when I came home from a week at church camp, he got so excited that he ran around and around until he hit the side of the house. I think he had forgotten that it was there.
Well, with the weird things going on at my dayjob, not to mention the two teenage girls and trying to write, and — Well, just don’t be surprised if I run into the side of the house. I am that crazed.
And so all day I have been in a dither, realizing that I had not posted the Wetsday celebration yet. I had a very odd, but appealing, choice for the guest, but I just had not managed to get to an unfiltered internet connection long enough to put it on the blog.
But then SFCatty wrote to tell me that my post would be the 300th on the Sizzle Site. And when I saw that number, I knew exactly what I had to do. Who should be on the 300 celebration post but our favorite Scot, the leader of the Spartan 300 himself, our darling Gerry! Enjoy!!!


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  2. AND thanks for the white shirt ones.

  3. Ooooo, Ro’mama! He is definitely worth waiting for! The way he changes costumes and characters for films, it’s almost like having a life-size Ken doll to dress up! (Hopefully with a very notable difference! LOL)

    And you’re a mother of two teens–that means you have built-in radar beyond the scope of human understanding. Ain’t no house gonna ambush you!! lol You’ll sidestep it with true Southern grace!

    Thanks, woman!

  4. Nomnomnom!! I’m sorry I missed this post yesterday! *fans herself* Although it’s probably a good thing cause Gerard has a tendency to make me forget everything else…what was I gonna say? Oh yes…nomnomnom!!

  5. He’s my absolute favorite sexiest man.. OMg.. he’s purrrfect..

  6. mmmmm Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler all wet and yummy. MMM what, was I going to say?

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