Tuesday’s Industry News: One Week To Go

Hello everyone! I’ve been planning for a year but somehow I still can’t believe that I leave for RWA National’s in a week. In fact I leave in exactly one week right down to the hour.  But as always when I have to leave home I’m starting to panic. Even when I was rodeoing hard I would panic about being gone over night. It wasn’t unusual for me to drive eight hours home after a rodeo that ended at midnight. Nope, I hated spending the night away from home even with my horses, dogs, and family with me.

Now I am going to spend five whole nights and six days away from home and family. I’m panicking. But to stay busy I’m doing a lot of planning. I’ve picked out the workshops I want to attend, picked out the pro retreat speakers I want to hear, and the editors and agents I’m going to stalk. So right now I am adding words to a short story that I wrote months back. Why? Because my appointment with Dorchester got canceled and I had to pick an editor that wasn’t looking for what I was going to pitch. Now I am pitching a different book to her than I am to everyone else.

What are you doing to get ready for Nationals? How do you keep from getting panicked?


4 Responses

  1. Who says I’m not panicking?? lol I’m just going to pretend it’s like high school…you know, Hell. that way when it turns out well, I’ll be pleased, lol. Need to check the PRO retreat thing as well *sigh* I’ve been concentrating on writing away my anxiety…which is a good thing, right?

    Can’t wait to meet up with the Sizzlers!!!

  2. I am not panicking. Yet. LOL! I have printed the list of workshops but haven’t looked at them in detail as yet. I will be at the Pro Retreat- working the door for part of it. Looking forward to hanging with you Sayde and CIndy and Leigh. AND meeting Danica in person.

    AND may I be the first to wish the fabulous Sayde a Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  3. Hey Sayde – great post! I’m planning on packing next Monday since I leave on Tuesday. That’s enough time, right? 🙂

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Thanks for the early birthday wishes ladies. I’m thinking of packing this weekend. I need a few more items before I pack so I’m waiting until I get them all. I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone in person! And Danica I’m making time to hang in the waiting room for pitch sessions!!

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