Badurday, July 10, 2010

I’m back this week with another awesome bad boy.  Anyone who follows this blog or my personal blog knows how much I like period movies.  I’ve blogged in the past about The Count of Monte Cristo which was a bad adaptation of a great novel- but even though the movie is not stellar, it does have some nice looking guys in it.  This week, we focus on the bad boy in that movie. The one that betrays our hero and lands him in prison.   Our bad boy is also going to be in an upcoming movie called The Hungry Rabbit Jumps– a thriller where he plays a vigilante. Should be a good flick (I hope).   

Any of you see Bedtime Stories?  The Adam Sandler movie? Our bad boy plays the rival of Mr. Sandler in that one.  The funny thing to me is that the character played by our bad boy in that flick has the same name as my spouse.  This guy has some great muscles as you’ll see from the pictures in a second. 

Lest you think he’s just some he-man, macho type,  he also found his feminine side in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert where he played Felicia as well as Adam.  I like a man that can do that and seem to have fun with it.

Here is blue eyed, gorgeous Guy Pearce–  Enjoy!  He could tell me a Bedtime Story anytime.


5 Responses

  1. Ooooo! Muscles for sure! And very distinguished in period dress. Can see why you’d watch period moves for the costuming alone!

    He’s good looking, AND can carry off more than one type of role. Pretty choice, sfcatty! Pretty choice!

  2. First I have to say I thought I would get to be first to comment on this but Runere is an early riser too I see.

    I want to watch Bedtime Stories again now. He’s a great choice for Bad-urday. As you know from my blog, I am a fan of the shirtless. Thanks for sharing that great pic.

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