WashingtonDay with the President

Today we are going to take a bit of a variation from our normal Wednesday/Wetsday theme. Tune back in next week for your regular program of attractive men doused in water.

I love my wet boys as much as anyone, but this week I have been touring our nation’s capital with the family. This is such a fabulous town — it has all the wonderful museums anyone could want, and FREE!!!!! Free is Ro’mama’s favorite price, and in DC it lets you have extra money for another of her favorites – shopping. I have hit Sephora, Papyrus, LUSH, Juicy Couture, Dean and DeLuca, and every museum gift shop I have passed.

But even more than the acquisition of cool stuff, DC gives you the opportunity to think about the big things in life. Great heroism and sacrifice at the WWII Memorial. Great philosophy looking at the Declaration and Constitution at the National Archives. Great creativity at the Library of Congress and any number or art museums. You start feeling really proud of being an American, and really humble at the same time.

But all this thinking and emotion presented a problem. Which one of my favorite guys could I call upon to represent my time here in DC? Well, of course the entire town revolves around the President. You feel the influence of the Chief Executive everywhere in DC, from the pictures on tourist teeshirts to the conversations of politicos in line at Starbucks. Obviously, the guest of the day needed to be . . . the President.

But, while Ro’mama will not tire you with her political views, we have to recognize that all of us have our philosophical leanings which means that we cannot agree when it comes to politicians. The current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is, if you try to look at him objectively, quite easy on the eyes. But you can’t really separate the man from the politics, and besides, a picture of the president on a romance writers’ blog is a bit disrespectful, even for me. So no, the real president was not really an option.

But as far as bipartisan support, I think we can all get behind today’s guest. He’s not a president, but he plays one in the movies — and looks quite dashing as he does so. And he is not some namby-pamby little dude in a suit. When the bad guys threaten his family, our president goes into action-hero mode, a role for which he is well-suited. After all, he and his Wookie saved the Federation and he found the Lost Ark.

Today’s guest is everyone’s favorite President, the one and only Harrison Ford!


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, Ro’mama! DC is a place that makes you weepy and proud at the same time. And it has some of the most impressive museums around. Probably the only place where tourist attractions don’t seem tourist-y. Glad you, DH and the DD’s are back safe!

    Have always had a crush on Harrison Ford (probably because of his roles), so thanks for starting my day with a s-i-i-i-g-h. lol

  2. I’d take him as the next real one- he’d be like Ronald Reagan and his Star Wars plan- kick butt.

  3. Romama, Glad you had a blast.. and your pick for today… he’s one of my favorites. I love all his movies, he’s sexy, and knows what he’s doing in front of a camera..

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