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In about an hour (10:00 am CDT) for the winner of the  autographed copy of  Cynthia Edens’ I’LL BE SLAYING YOU from Badurday.  Wanted to get this little note in before your regularly scheduled Tuesday Industry News post by Sayde Grace.  Will update this post as soon as I get the number drawn by Runere.

**** EDITED TO ADD WINNER:  Martha Lawson is our winner.  Runere picked your name, you lucky girl!  Please contact Cynthia at  to make arrangments to get your autographed copy- Congrats and thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog.   SFCATTY


4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much! I’m contacting Cynthia in just a minute!!

  2. Congrats Martha..

  3. Congratulations, Martha! Thanks for visiting our blog and especially for leaving a comment.

    We keep hoping to get more feedback, and appreciate everyone who left a comment! C’mon! Y’all don’t be shy! LOL

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