Wish You Were Here…Jekyll Island

Edward Earl of Clarendon

“In all conspiracies there must be great secrecy.” Edward Earl of Clarendon.

Being this is the 4th of July, let us celebrate our 234th Independence Day in the historic south. Nestled midway between Savannah and Jacksonville is the pristine island retreat of Jekyll Island, Georgia.  I chose the above quote because there are so many great conspiracies in this nation’s rich history, one involving the island. The setting has a more personal reason, which shall remain my secret.

Welcome to Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island Beaches

You can explore miles of barrier island beaches and dune lines edging unbothered woodlands. As Georgia’s smallest barrier island, Jekyll Island offers a unique combination of rich history and unspoiled natural beauty. Anyone who has read a Nicholas Sparks novel knows, of course, the only place to start a romance is on the beach.

Jekyll Island Club Resort

You can discover the enchanting riverfront National Historic Landmark District. Jekyll Island’s ancient wonders are in harmony with modern amenities.  There are haunted tours of the historic district that can be sure to inspire the historical writer with tales of the elite who once privately owned the island. Perhaps a lesser known Vanderbilt or cousin of J.P Morgan found romance in one of the “cottages” of the Jekyll Island Clubhouse. For views of the island and Clubhouse, check out the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance” parts of which was filmed right on the island.

Historic tour

Jekyll Island has festivals galore, fireworks, historic exhibits, and more. You can picnic under the shade of moss-draped trees or relax on ocean-view vistas. Great food, music, and family fun will enhance your Independence Day experience while you enjoy all that Jekyll Island has to offer. If you are looking for inspiration on a romantic suspense, a writer might want to take part in the upcoming “Murder Mystery Weekend” scheduled for August. For more information on this sure to be exciting outing, check out http://www.murdermystery.com/asp-bin/weekend_page.asp?idEvent=71

Horton House ...Haunted?

Among the nature-based places you can pursue are marsh eco-tours, dolphin-watching, sea turtle walks, or bird watching. The active visitor can even golf, kayak, play tennis or soccer, bike, and play at the local water Park. The historian in you can learn of Jekyll’s rich gilded era. Even a dedicated writer (which I most certainly am NOT) needs a distraction once in a while. Why not a secluded island where in November 1910, a delegation on the nation’s leading financiers traveled to the then private island to draft what would become the new Federal Reserve System.

Jekyll Club circa 1910

Come celebrate our Independence at Jekyll Island, Georgia;

Happy Independence Day

Wish you were here…

5 Responses

  1. What a lovely choice. But you may have given yourself away with all that talk of romance on the beach. RitaVF

  2. What an intriguing and insightful tour you’ve taken us on, Liz. It has definitely whetted my curiosity, and has added Jekylll Island to my local have-to-see list when traveling! Conspiracy, history, hauntings and romance, something for everyone in a delightful setting!

    Bless this wonderful nation and every citizen on our Independence Day!

  3. Oh, fabulous choice. Jekyll is one of my very favoritiest places in the world — DH used to have a work conference there every June, and we would go for 3 days on his expense account. The girls would run all around the island – its incredibly safe and welcoming, like a little Mayberry on a gorgeous sub-tropical island.

    In his teen years in the 30s, my dad was a hunting guide for the Cloisters Hotel on nearby St. Simons, and he would tell us stories about the Roosevelts, Vanderbilts and other big names he took out to find wild boar on Jekyll. In hhe evenings the wealthy guests would arrange boxing matches between the guides, and he said $ hundreds of thosands would change hands in one night based on which of his friends would kknock another out. When WWII started, FDR had to ask the guys to stop going to the Sea Islands because he worried that one Nazi sub could cripple American industry by attacking there. So that was the end of an incredible remnant of the gilded age.

  4. I was born quite near there. Brunswick, Ga. LOVE that you featured this place- very dear to my heart as well. FAB pics and info.

    Happy Independence day to you as well from a card carrying member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and thanks to my ancestor for picking the winning side. Being a rebel runs in my blood.

  5. I am loving your posts. It’s great inspiration and you’re doing such a fabulous job with your choices of places and pictures, I can’t wait to see where you take us next.

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